Geoffrey Rush Will Play Groucho Marx In Upcoming Biopic Raised Eyebrows

The story of comedy legend Groucho Marx will finally be brought to life on the big screen. According to an exclusive report by Deadline, Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush ("The King's Speech," "Pirates of the Caribbean") is set to play the role of Groucho Marx in the upcoming biopic "Raised Eyebrows," which is based on Steve Stoliar's memoir, "Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House." Oscar nominee Oren Moverman will be directing the project off a screenplay he has co-written with Stoliar himself, while Sienna Miller ("The Lost City of Z") and Charlie Plummer ("Moonfall") are also set to join the cast.

Finding Roots in Vaudeville

Groucho Marx's distinctive appearance, which included thick greasepaint mustache and eyebrows, along with exaggerated postures, was carried over from his days in vaudeville and remains an integral part of his legacy. Groucho was not only a master of wit but also had a successful career on radio and television, primarily as the host of "You Bet Your Life," a comedy game show. 

"Raised Eyebrows" will be set between the years 1973 and 1977, and will follow Stoliar (Plummer), as he enters Groucho's house with the hopes of pursuing his dream job of working for the aging comedian. Erin Fleming (Miller), oversees Stoliar's movements closely, having taken over the Marx brothers' personal and professional lives. Fleming shared a controversial relationship with Groucho himself, being his girlfriend-turned-manager, and the events that ensue after can only be described as "Grouchian." The biopic will be unraveling the true events that mimicked a comedy of horrors in real life, with equal parts love and catastrophe.

A Cold Iron Pictures project, "Raised Eyebrows" will be produced by CEO Miranda Bailey and Moverman himself, who commented on being given the opportunity to weave a story around the genius of the comedian:

"It's a pleasure and an honor and a responsibility and probably something else to work with this amazing cast on a story I hope will reintroduce the genius of Groucho Marx in a new, provocative, entertaining way all these years later. Steve Stoliar has given the world incredible insight into a bygone era."

Bailey also talked about Stoliar's contribution to the project and revealed details about the overall tone of "Raised Eyebrows:"

"After many years diligently working to get Steve's brilliant, true story adapted for the screen, I'm thrilled that we found the perfect ensemble of actors to portray these rich yet complicated characters that Oren will, no doubt, masterfully bring to life. Even in a world that tells us 'never meet your idols,' Steve's friendship with Groucho Marx, while filled with moments of heartbreaking humanity, proved to be an overwhelmingly positive and life-changing experience for him — an essence we hope to capture for our audience."

"Raised Eyebrows" was first announced with Rob Zombie attached to direct the project in 2015. An official release date has not been revealed as of now.