Chapelwaite Season 2 Is On The Way For More Stephen King-Inspired Scares

One of the dangers of there being 800 streaming services now is that it's easier than ever for quality material to slip through the cracks. There are so many streaming movies and series that the discourse is bound to breeze right past some very interesting projects. Case in point: "Chapelwaite." It's a series based on a Stephen King story that also just happens to serve as a prequel to "Salem's Lot" and stars Academy Award winner Adrien Brody. You don't get a lot of period horror of this calibre, but the problem is that Epix just isn't as in the mainstream in the way Netflix, Apple, Disney+ and Amazon are.

That said, the show is performing well enough for Epix to continue going on it. In an interview with, actress Emily Hampshire said she was told season 2 was in the works. "Chapelwaite" was originally intended to be a limited series, but apparently the suits are so happy with it they want to keep the vampire mayhem going.

Stephen King By Way of Edgar Allan Poe

The show follows Captain Charles Boone (Brody) as he returns to land with his biracial children, following his wife's death at sea, only to be confronted with the inherent prejudice of the era combined with the distrust that his family name carries with it. The Boones were a family of wealth and influence in the small New England town, but a streak of insanity runs in the Boone genes. Let's just say the townsfolk are disappointed when a new Boone shows up to take over the family estate, called Chapelwaite.

"Chapelwaite" is based on a very short story called "Jerusalem's Lot," so naturally this series greatly expands on what King wrote, which is essentially an Edgar Allan Poe riff that serves to set up the cursed land that would eventually become the town of 'Salems Lot. 

As a big King dork, I'm of course on board with this and I'm glad that Epix confirmed they are developing a second season (although they did clarify it has not yet received a greenlight). I have some slight quibbles with the series, which seems to alternate between absolutely gorgeous to "Drunk History" outtake in terms of production value from episode to episode, but at the end of the day Brody is acting his butt off and I can't get too mad at early America vampire tales.

Definitely give it a shot if you happen to have Epix loaded up on the ol' Roku.