YA Sci-Fi Novel The Temperature Of Me And You Set For Adaptation At Disney+

Brian Zepka's YA sci-fi novel, "The Temperature of Me and You," is set for a series adaptation at Disney+. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the LGBTQ+-themed adaptation will be penned by Alden Derck, who was involved in the CW romantic comedy-drama, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," while the project is backed by former studio executives Foster Driver and Zoe Kent.

The appeal of "The Temperature of Me and You" is heartfelt and immediate, as it is a story of first love, where two boys have a chance encounter at a Dairy Queen, after which they embark on an odyssey to navigate their emotions. It is also a journey of identity and trust amidst a survivalist atmosphere, making it a love story to root for.

An Otherworldly Romance

"The Temperature of Me and You" is Zepka's debut novel, which hit the shelves on January 25, courtesy of Disney-Hyperion. The story follows a 16-year-old boy named Dylan, who while working shifts at a Dairy Queen in the suburbs of Philadelphia, happens to meet Jordan, whose body temperature is a cool 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After the two spend time together, Dylan catches a fever and starts coughing up flames, which urges Jordan to reveal his out-of-the-world origins. "The Temperature of Me and You" is a stunning mix of sci-fi intrigue and tender romance, making it the perfect subject for a series adaptation.

Driver and Kent, who helm their production banner Driver + Kent, talk at length about the global appeal of the content they are willing to represent, such as the one in "The Temperature of Me and You:"

"[The focus is on] content that speaks to a global audience through the transformative lens of genre, sci-fi, fantasy, and character-driven drama. We believe that all people are equal and deserve to experience content that reflects the world we live in today and the world we want to live in tomorrow."

Both Driver and Kent have been executive producers for major film productions over the course of their careers. While Driver recently helped develop the Michael B. Jordan starrer, "Without Remorse," and an untitled Val Zod/Superman project for DC, Kent was one of the executives behind the live adaptations of "Cruella" and "Mulan."

Zepka also shared his excitement about the adaptation on his official Twitter account. While there is no official release date or cast attached to the project as of yet, "The Temperature of Me and You" is reportedly at the top of the list on Driver+Kent's release agenda.