Cult Horror Fans Rejoice! The Slumber Party Massacre Remake Is Coming To VHS

The 1982 cult slasher "The Slumber Party Massacre" garnered a remake in 2021, which was a fun modern reimagining that toyed with established horror film conventions. So here's good news for cult horror fans: 2021's "Slumber Party Massacre" has already hit Blu-ray and will soon be coming to ... VHS. According to Bloody Disgusting, Broke Horror Fan will be belting out limited edition, fully-functional VHS editions of "Slumber Party Massacre," which are expected to go on sale on Wednesday, February 9, at 12:00 PM EST.

"Slumber Party Massacre" is a devilishly-fun watch, as it inverts viewer expectations while keeping the narrative fresh, inventive, and pretty tongue-in-cheek. The film starts with a prologue set in the '80s for setting up exposition, establishing the tale of driller killer Russ Thorn (Rob van Vuuren), and then shifting back to final girl Trish Deveraux (Schelaine Bennet) in the present day. The rest is a modern-way unraveling of a classic horror story, which poses the question of whether history will be repeating itself.

A New Wave of Modern Slasher

Director Danishka Esterhazy's 2021 remake is not the only sequel to the classic 1982 version. There were two other sequels released in 1987 and 1990, both of which lacked the wit and execution of the original. The reason why the original garnered a cult following can be attributed to several reasons, chief being the fact that the tone was mostly satirical in nature, and the humor inherent within the narrative set it apart from the slashers popular at the time. Esterhazy's reboot/sequel not only manages to retain that tone, but also allows the film to challenge genre clich├ęs in a way that subverts expectations.

According to the detailed announcement by Broke Horror Fan, the remake of "Slumber Party Massacre" will arrive on VHS in a black clamshell case with three versions for fans to choose from: a standard edition with never-seen-before art by Vasilis Zikos, an art variant by Creepy Duck Design, and an exclusive box edition with Zikos' art.

Apart from this, each "Slumber Party Massacre" tape will include a letter from Esterhazy, along with exclusive introductions by actors Frances Sholto-Douglas, Reze-Tiana Wessels, Mila Rayne, Rob van Vuuren, Jennifer Steyn, Michael Potter, Eden Classens, Nathan Castle, Richard White, Braeden Buys, Richard Wright-Firth, Reem Koussa, and Larissa Crafford-Lazarus, and writer Suzanne Keilly. Perhaps the most exciting part of the VHS tape is the inclusion of an alternate ending after the movie ends.

The VHS version of "Slumber Party Massacre" has been cropped from its original aspect ratio to 4:3 full frame for optimal throwback viewing.