Space Force Season 2 Trailer: What Happens On The Moon Stays On The Moon

Remember way back at the beginning of the pandemic? Back when "Tiger King" was all the rage? A show premiered on Netflix called "Space Force," starring Steve Carell. It premiered May 29, 2020, so you can be forgiven for not having any idea what I'm talking about. Someone else was President, and oh my, the world has changed over the past few decades years. Well, the show is coming back for a second season, and today we have a new trailer. 

Here is a quick recap for you: Carell's General Mark R. Naird is dealing with his criminal wife Maggie (Lisa Kudrow) and surly daughter Erin (Diana Silvers) as he attempts to create the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Space Force. A moon mission goes wrong after sabotages committed against and by the Chinese. Angela (Tawny Newsome), the first person to walk on the moon in decades, says, "It's good to be Black on the moon," accidentally. Maggie has escaped prison and met a prison guard girlfriend. Mark and his family are about to fly away on a helicopter, but Mark decides to turn back at the last minute, despite the fact that he and everyone escaping is facing dire consequences. 

The show got mixed reviews, but I actually thought it was a blast, if a tiny bit loose in its structure. I will watch Steve Carell do pretty much anything. It's definitely worth a binge. I watched it all in one day. 

Space Force Season 2 Trailer

Mark's team is a mess, his family is barely holding it together, and his dating life is a little wonky. Work life balance isn't really going to happen here, is it? Who cares though, because Patton Oswalt is in the trailer. I repeat, Patton Oswalt is in the trailer!

Returning regulars include Carell, John Malkovich as Dr. Adrian Mallory, Ben Schwartz as F. Tony "F*** Tony" Scarapiducci, Newsome, Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang as Dr. Chan Kaifang, and Don Lake as Brigadier General Bradley Gregory. 

The show was created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, who both executive produce. Daniels is showrunner with Norm Hiscock. Other executive producers include Howard Klein, Hiscock, Brent Forrester, and Ken Kwapis. 

Season 2 of "Space Force" is set to premiere on Netflix on February 18, 2022 with seven 30-minute episodes. Here is the synopsis for "Space Force" season 2:

Season 2 of Space Force picks up with General Naird and his underdog team having to prove their worth to a new administration while dealing with interpersonal challenges. Will the group come together or fall apart under the pressure...? Space Force is only human after all.

Are you ready to head back into space? Will we see Jane Lynch return as Chief of Naval Operations? Who in the new administration will be parodied? Tune in February 18, 2022 to find out!