Peacock's Pitch Perfect Series Is Bringing Back Flula Borg

Peacock's "Pitch Perfect" spin-off series is bringing back Flula Borg to reprise his role as Pieter Krämer, the character he played in "Pitch Perfect 2." According to a report by Deadline, Borg will be joining the show's cast, which already features Adam Devine, who assumed the role of Bumper Allen in both the original film and its sequel. The Peacock series is set several years after the events of both films, in which Bumper Allen moves to Germany to revive his music career after one of his tracks become popular in Berlin.

A Perfect Return

An exclusive report by Variety announced the straight-to-series order sometime last year, revealing that the series is being written by Megan Amram, who also serves as executive producer, alongside Elizabeth Banks and Devine himself. Devine's Bumper has come a long way since his trajectory in the first film, in which he served as the primary antagonist and the leader of the all-male a cappella group, The Treblemakers. In "Pitch Perfect 2," Bumper was love interest to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), and worked his way as a backup singer for John Mayer before returning to Barden University as a security guard.

The addition of Borg in the series is a good sign, as it potentially means that the series will be a direct continuation of its canonical story, providing its characters more space to explore their growth. Borg will be stepping back into the shoes of Pieter, the co-leader of the German group, Das Sound Machine, and the prime rival to the Bellas during a performance at a car show in "Pitch Perfect 2." The Peacock series will be incorporating Borg's character by having him invite Bumper to Germany, now that he is a discredited music manager with the aim to regain his fading stardom.

The exclusive Variety report also quotes Erin Underhill, president of Universal Television, expressing happiness over the opportunity to bring "Pitch Perfect" to the small screen:

"We're so happy to have the opportunity to ... explore the hilarious and distinct characters in this (musical-filled) world. We're lucky to partner with the talented Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, and Paul Brooks, who produced the iconic films; the exceptionally funny and memorable Adam Devine; and Megan Amram, whose clever adaptation of 'Pitch Perfect' is sure to have audiences laughing out loud and tapping their feet."

Production houses Brownstone and Gold Circle, who are producing the Peacock spin-off, have also been involved in the production of all the "Pitch Perfect" films. Apart from Devine and Borg, no other original cast members have been added to the show's cast so far.