The Righteous Gemstones Has Been Righteously Renewed For Season 3 At HBO

Give me a hallelujah hell yeah, because HBO announced Tuesday that the hilarious comedy series "The Righteous Gemstones" has been renewed for a third season. The news comes in the middle of the show's second season, with new episodes airing every Sunday at 10/9c. The second season has just five more episodes remaining, the finale scheduled for February 27, 2022. Fans were worried the show wasn't going to move forward after Covid severely delayed the release of the second season, but those mighty, mighty Gemstones aren't going away that easily.

"After a season of literal fire and brimstone, blood, sand and rollerblading, who wouldn't come back for more?" said Amy Gravitt, HBO's executive vice president of programming. "The Gemstone family makes us laugh like nobody else."

Created, written and executive produced by Danny McBride ("Vice Principals," "Eastbound & Down") "The Righteous Gemstones" follows the members of a world-famous televangelist family with a deeply hypocritical history of deviance and greed, hidden beneath the sparkle and shine of philanthropic fundamentalism. John Goodman stars as patriarch Eli Gemstone, with McBride, Adam Devine, and Edi Patterson playing the Gemstone adult children, Jesse, Kelvin, and Judy. Season 2 has already been out of control with Eli reckoning with his violent past as an amateur wrestler/criminal enforcer after his former partner Junior (Eric Roberts) shows up, a murder, Kelvin's commune of buff men, and Uncle Baby Billy just, well, doing Uncle Baby Billy things.

We Can't Get Enough of The Righteous Gemstones

The world of televangelism is ripe for comedy, with larger than life figureheads, extravagant set pieces, and the constant juxtaposition that no one on Earth could be as pure and sinless as they claim to be. "The Righteous Gemstones" is as blasphemous as it is hilarious, and people can't get enough of it. This season has already given us such ripe new characters, like Lyle Lissons (Eric Andre), a country-music Evangelical who wants to open a Christian resort in Florida called "Zion's Landing," and wants the Gemstone family's support to make it happen. Andre brings just the right amount of anarchy to the series, and is a perfect addition.

While season 1 painted the Gemstone children as the main purveyors of hypocrisy, season 2 has painted Eli Gemstone with a brand new brush, and John Goodman continues to prove why he's a national treasure that we must protect at all costs. Then again, this season has shown that even at 69 years old, Goodman can still whip a great deal of ass. Considering season 2 isn't even finished yet, it'll likely be some time before we see season 3, but we thank thee, O God HBO, for this gift.