These Exclusive Moonfall Posters Make It Very Clear That The Moon Is Falling

"Moonfall"! The very title of the film makes it abundantly clear: the Moon is falling. And that's bad news for us losers here on Earth. "Moonfall" is the latest disasterpiece from Roland Emmerich, a filmmaker who really likes to blow up the world. In Emmerich's latest, the Moon is suddenly knocked off orbit and headed straight for Earth – but wait, that's not all! What if the Moon isn't just a hunk of dead rock in the sky, but something more? Cue the scary music. For more info, here's the official synopsis: 

In Moonfall, a mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. With mere weeks before impact and the world on the brink of annihilation, NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler (Academy Award® winner Halle Berry) is convinced she has the key to saving us all – but only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson, "Midway") and a conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley, "Game of Thrones") believes her. These unlikely heroes will mount an impossible last-ditch mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love, only to find out that our Moon is not what we think it is.

In honor of the impending theatrical release of "Moonfall," we're debuting three exclusive "Moonfall" posters, and you can see them below.

Exclusive Moonfall Posters

Let's do this, shall we? Here we go. Put on your "I Heart Moonfall" shirts and look at these posters.

First up, here's Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper, a disgraced astronaut who gets called back to duty when – you guessed it – the freakin' Moon starts to fall. Watch out, Patrick! Er, I mean Brian. Brian Harper. Sorry. 

Next, here's Halle Berry as Jo Fowler. She's a former astronaut, too. But while poor old Brian Harper ended his space career in disgrace, Jo has moved up in the world to become a high-level NASA employee. That's good news! Or it would be good news if the damn Moon wasn't falling. Jobs don't matter when the Moon falls, gang. Although the way things are going here in the real world, I'm pretty sure we'd all be expected to report to work even if the Moon really were falling. 

Finally, we have John Bradley as K.C. Houseman, a conspiracy theorist who knows what's going on with the Moon before anyone else. Emmerich has a habit of throwing conspiracy theorists who turn out to be right into his movies – think of Randy Quaid in "Independence Day," or Woody Harrelson in "2012." 

Can Brian, Jo, and John team up and save the world from the Moon? We won't know for sure until "Moonfall" hits theaters on February 4, 2022. Until then, please stay safe and watch out for the Moon. Because it's falling.