Cool Stuff: You Can Own The Fear Street Trilogy Masks This Halloween

Netflix and R.L. Stine killed the collaboration game in July 2021 when they released the newly adapted "Fear Street" trilogy over three delightfully spooky weeks. From the '90s neon-coated slasher of the first movie, to the '70s vintage-drenched summer camp flick that was the second movie, to the dark and dreary folk horror of the final film, it was an exciting time to be a horror fan (especially if you grew up reading Stine). Luckily for fans of the franchise, there's a new way to show off your love for "Fear Street" and scare your friends and family at the same time. Talk about killing two teens with one bread slicer.

The creative folks behind Trick or Treat Studios are release a trilogy of their own, but instead of movies, they're masks. Feast your eyes upon the Skull Mask Killer from "Fear Street: 1994," the Nightwing mask from "Fear Street: 1978" and the Billy Barker mask from "Fear Street: 1666." And if you're a stickler for authenticity, leave your doubts at the door, the masks have been developed from the production molds, so they're as close to the originals as you can get.

Show Off Your Shadyside

Each of the masks are incredibly off-putting in their own way, and that's what makes them great. Throw on a couple of color changing lights (or LED strips if you're a TikTok teen) and you could recreate the Skull Mask kills from the first movie. Or maybe you want to unnerve your loved ones? Display the Billy Barker mask prominently and refuse to answer any questions. Or, if you're looking to get both strange and intricate this Halloween, throw on that Nightwing mask and blast "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas everywhere you go. The options are endless.

Unfortunately, there's no way to get your hands on them yet. According to Bloody Disgusting, the masks should be available around Halloween 2022, so you'll just set some reminders and pray that the Halloween gods smile upon you. Trick or Treat Studio is no stranger when it comes to selling R.L. Stine-related masks, and considering that all of their Goosebumps masks are either sold out or no longer available in their store anymore tells you that the competition might be fierce. In terms of horror merch, I'd rate this alongside A24's spooky streetwear collab with Online Ceramics. Hell, I'm still trying to find a pristine pair of the "Hereditary" sweatpants that are less than $200 (if you have the hook up, let me know).

Limited edition merch will break your heart every time, but it's so damn cool.