The Tinder Swindler Trailer: A Con Man's Marks Turn The Tables In Netflix Doc

Today, Netflix has released a new trailer for their upcoming true-crime documentary "The Tinder Swindler." Dating apps can be dangerous places. If you've been on them, you know what people will say and do to get what they want. In the film, which is directed by Felicity Morris, we learn about one such person. This man, whose name is Simon, seduced several women on Tinder, made them fall in love with him and his jet-setting lifestyle, and then swindled them out of millions.

Public service announcement here: Do not send money to people you're dating, even if you think you love them. That's never a good sign. In fact, don't even answer the phone anymore. The only people who call are your mom (you can answer that one), the fake IRS, the fake car warranty companies, and the fake jerks who try to take all your dollars. It's a lesson these women learned too late. Still, the risk is worth it in order to take down this absolute monster.

'One Little Swipe Can Change Your Life'

Look, if a guy approaches you with a ride on a private jet and "it feels like a movie," you have to ask yourself why that is. A guy who calls himself the "Prince of Diamonds," as Simon "Leviev" did, is probably lying to you the way this con man lied to one of the women (Cecilie Fjellhoy) in this documentary, according to a report from ABC. Obviously, this is a con man, and while I don't want to spoil the details for you (and avoid that link if you want everything to be fresh when you watch), he's not who he said he was. Here is the official info for you:

From the team producers of "Don't F**ck With Cats," modern love is a dangerous game in the world of online dating, and not all that glitters is gold. Notoriously known as The Tinder Swindler, he has seduced and swindled young women for millions and is a fugitive from justice in several countries. One swipe could change your life. This is the ultimate fairytale gone nightmare. Follow three women who decided it was time for payback.

"The Tinder Swindler" will be available to stream on Netflix on February 2, 2022.