Blacklight Trailer: Liam Neeson Tries To Take Down The Head Of The FBI

You were jonesing for some Liam Neeson action, weren't you? Of course you were. If you're anything like me, you mention your "particular set of skills" often when making jokes about the world and its current state. Anyway, fear not. 2022 has a present for you. Today we have a new trailer for the Mark Williams action thriller "Blacklight," starring our beloved Liam Neeson. Check it out below.

'One Day You Wake Up and Realize You're Not Sure Who the Good Guys Are'

"Blacklight" is directed by Mark Williams, and written by Williams and Nick May. It's produced by Williams, Paul Currie, Myles Nestel, Alevé Loh, and Coco Xiaqlu Ma. In addition to Neeson, the film stars Aidan Quinn and Emy Raver-Lapman.

In the trailer, we learn that Neeson's Travis Block will do a whole lot of bad stuff for his shadowy job, but murder isn't on his menu (at least, that's what he claims). He's trying to get out of the "fixer" business to repair the strained relationship he has with his daughter and to forge a different one with his little granddaughter. Of course, she goes missing. That's how this works. Angry Liam Neeson in the very best kind of Liam Neeson. There are a few quotable lines in this trailer ("If I find out you had anything to do with my granddaughter disappearing, you're gonna need more men!"), and I'm absolutely here for it.

Here's the official synopsis:

Trust, identity, and the danger of unchecked power push a covert operative to the edge in director Mark Williams' intense action thriller "Blacklight." Travis Block (Neeson) lives and fights in the shadows. A freelance government "fixer," Block is a dangerous man whose assignments have included extracting agents out of deep-cover situations. When Block discovers a shadowy program called Operation Unity is striking down ordinary citizens for reasons known only to Block's boss, FBI chief Robinson (Quinn), he enlists the help of a journalist (Raver-Lampman), but his past and present collide when his daughter and granddaughter are threatened. Now Block needs to rescue the people he loves and expose the truth for a shot at redemption. Nothing and no one is safe when secrets are hidden in "Blacklight."

This film, unlike so many others, will only play in theaters beginning on February 11, 2022. That is, of course, if all this (gesturing wildly at everything) doesn't get any worse.