After Life Season 3 Trailer: There Are Angels — They Don't Have Wings Or Live In Clouds

Did you need a good cry to start off 2022? Was Betty White's death not enough to unfreeze your cold, black heart? If so, you're in luck. Today Netflix has released a new trailer for the third and final season of "After Life" starring Ricky Gervais. I wish you an icy heart-melt like the one Tony has had over the past two seasons. I also give you fair warning that if you're watching this at work, you're probably going to want to use earphones. The language in this trailer would make Captain America blush. Here is the tagline for you:

While Tony is no longer quite so aggressively grouchy about life, he continues to struggle to fill the void left behind by his late wife.

I don't know what it is about Ricky Gervais, but he can make me cry with a look. That's a thing I haven't said about a comedian since Robin Williams made me bawl my eyes out in "The Fisher King." Maybe go watch that as well if you have a stone heart. I challenge you to do it without a box of tissues. I already know that you will fail. 

After Life Season 3 Trailer

Even the dog in this trailer is making my eyes well up in a way that can't be blamed on allergies. Anyway, Tony is going on a little trip to scatter his dad's ashes, and some of it doesn't go well. His dad wanted his ashes scattered on the floor of his local pub. He probably didn't want them thrown at someone's mouth, but hey, we do what we can. This is morbid, but I know more than one person who's tried to scatter someone's ashes at a beach or on top of a mountain who knows very well what that means. I apologize in advance for your nightmares this evening.

I absolutely love the lines, "I thought not caring was a superpower. I was wrong." It just sums up everything we've all been through these past thousand months. (Maybe not a thousand months? Time means nothing anymore.) Tony is finally learning about what makes someone an angel. It's not what happens after you die, but how you live. Do it with kindness. Make the people around you just a little bit happier. That's a message we all need to hear right now. It's a message the person behind me on the plane this week who kept taking off their mask needs to hear. I hope you're reading this, Karen. I mean, friend. See? Kindness. Sigh. This final season can't come soon enough. 

The final season of "After Life" will hit Netflix on January 14, 2022.