Vincent D'Onofrio Specifically Requested Kingpin's 'Family Business' Look For Hawkeye

There were plenty of Easter eggs worth catching in during the recent "Hawkeye" finale, but one in particular should have caught the eye of Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) fans. The actor who embodies mob boss Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin) revealed to that he requested a costume that held special significance to comic book readers.

Kingpin made his entrance in "So This is Christmas?" wearing his signature white suit, but eagle-eyed viewers might also notice the baddie is sporting a red-and-white Hawaiian shirt underneath. Fisk, ever-fashionable, even has a red accent on his white hat to match. D'Onofrio says he requested the red shirt specifically as a nod to an iteration of Kingpin he's a fan of.

D'Onofrio's Shirt References A Famous Marvel Arc

Kingpin sports an identical red-and-white floral button-up on the cover of "Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business," a 2013 graphic novel written by Mark Waid and James Robinson, with Gabriele Dell'Otto illustrating. "The screensaver on my computer is that Family Business cover of him in that shirt," D'Onofrio told, referring to an imposing portrait of the villain raising his blood-red cane above Spider-Man.

This cover art is a great look for Kingpin, whose usually-cartoonish design is swapped for a more realistic–and intimidating–portrait. D'Onofrio says he approached the "Hawkeye" wardrobe department himself to request the floral shirt, which viewers took note of before the villain was apparently killed in the finale.

Or was he? Fans are already speculating that the character's supposed death scene, which cut away as Maya (Alaqua Cox) apparently shot him, is simply a fake-out. Maybe we're reading too much into the Hawaiian shirt, but it seems like another indication that the villain will return. If D'Onofrio was able to conceptualize a whole new look for Fisk that differentiates his character from his time on Netflix's "Daredevil," why only use it for one episode? Our hope is that the smooth criminal returns in the future, and brings that snazzy tropical shirt with him.