Ted Lasso Loses His Mustache In A Stop-Motion Animated Christmas Short — Watch It Now

"Ted Lasso" fans rejoice! The Apple TV+ hit has given us a gift just in time for Christmas in the form of a claymation short called "The Missing Christmas Mustache," about Ted's famed facial hair.

The clip, which was posted to YouTube today, starts with Ted meeting up with the full AFC Richmond gang in the locker room. Nate (Nick Mohammed), who we last saw looking evil and gray-haired in the show's Season 2 finale, even stands happily by the Christmas tree. Is it a Christmas miracle? More likely, the clip is meant to take place in flashback, as Nick still has brown hair here. Higgins (Jeremy Swift) even nods to the funky chronology, saying, "Don't ever change, Nate!" as the group heads their separate ways.

Nate's allegiance aside, the other major surprise here is the slightly fantastical detour the series is able to take in claymation form. The visual style of the short looks just like that of Rankin/Bass specials like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," and it contains some of the same magic. Even the opening theme song gets a claymation makeover! 

In a spin on classic Christmas stories, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) is worried he's lost the Christmas spirit when his beloved mustache suddenly goes missing. The team splits up to look for the "snot mop," as Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) calls it, because they're exactly the kind of people who would do that for a friend.

We won't spoil the rest of the clip, as it clocks in at under five minutes and you can view it immediately below.

An AFC Richmond Christmas Miracle

It is worth mentioning that "The Missing Christmas Mustache" manages to pack in an admirable amount of jokes in its short run-time, with each character getting in a quip or two. From Ted's declaration of "Hot dog, eggnog!" to a conclusion that makes perfect use of grumpy heartthrob Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), this short is the gift that keeps on giving.

If this delightful short simply isn't enough "Ted Lasso" holiday content for you, it's worth remembering the second season episode "Carol of The Bells" also takes place on Christmas. The winsome ensemble seems built for the holiday season, so we welcome two Christmases in one year if the AFC Richmond team is there to make the yuletide bright.

The first two seasons of Ted Lasso are available on Apple TV+.