My Isekai Life - Everything We Know So Far

Japanese anime is a cultural phenomenon that has always inspired imagination and offered fresh storytelling with unique ideas. It depicts worlds with immense psychological depth, and its unbeatable visuals have attracted a dedicated community of fans, ever ready to jump on the next big thing.

And then there's isekai, the imaginative and fun Japanese subgenre of light novels, anime, and manga that deals with escapist fiction. Isekai usually follows characters that are transported to other worlds and must find a way to survive while completing quests or missions. The genre's premise often depicts characters as they experience personal growth while allowing room for introspection and, of course, otherworldly action!

If you relate to the life of Yuji Sano, an overworked office drone looking for an escape, chances are that "My Isekai Life" is about to become your favorite new anime. Adapted from the light novel series from author Shinkoshoto and illustrator Huuka Kazabana, "My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World," focuses on its hero, Yuji, who is summoned to an alternate world after accidentally accepting a request on his computer.

The story will come to life in the "My Isekai Life" anime series, set to air in 2022. Here's everything we know about it!

My Isekai Life: Plot And Characters

As per the anime's official website, the series is being faithfully adapted from its source material. Initially, the story revolves around Yuji being transported to a fantasy world of sorts. It will focus on his journey as he abandons the strenuous corporate life and transforms into a monster tamer — a sage. Yuji goes on several quests where he tames numerous knowledgeable slime creatures and eventually becomes a powerful sage. The synopsis suggests that the story will tackle how Yuji wields his power and grapples with all he has achieved in a short time.

In a visual shared on the "My Isekai Life" website, Yuji is seen wielding his powers which reminds me of Doctor Strange's crimson circles — but Yuji's are incredibly colorful!

The anime's website has only announced Yuji as a character so far. The series supposedly draws inspiration from the adapted manga. In that case, we might get to see Yuji working with allies during his time in the adventurer's guild, an organization he joins after becoming a mighty sage. The character also leads a group against a great dragon whose arrival threatens to shake their organization to its very foundations. Yuūji might be the most powerful monster tamer in the world, but is he a match for a legendary dragon? 

The Manga's English Translation Will Be Released Soon

The cast of voice actors for "My Isekai life" hasn't been announced so far, but judging from the storyline, viewers can expect some top-notch voice acting! When Japanese animation studio Revoroot published the adaptation news, the announcement revealed that "My Isekai Life" would be released in 2022. Since the English language translation of the manga is set to release on December 14, we might not have to wait too long until the anime is released!

Here's the description for the English-language version: 

"Whether at the office or at home, corporate drone Yuji Sano works all the time. So when his home PC flashes a message about him being summoned to another world, Yuji restarts his machine...only to find that he's inadvertently accepted the summons! Now in a fantasy world far removed from paperwork and computers, Yuji has just one thing on his mind: waking up from what he thinks is a dream and getting back to the mountain of work he left behind! But this other world has other plans for Yuji, who quickly discovers his Monster Tamer character class allows him to befriend slimes! And thanks to their number, those slimes help him absorb so much magical knowledge that he gains a second character class in the blink of an eye! How will Yuji wield his power now that he's the greatest sage the realm has ever known?! And what about all that paperwork?!"