New Hawkeye Episode 5 Footage Features [Spoiler] In Action

We've got just two episodes left of "Hawkeye" with the Disney+ show entering its third act. While the fourth episode felt largely like the calm before the storm, it certainly concluded with a big fat bang that has major implications for what's to come. Particularly because [redacted] has come for Clint Barton's head. Now, a new teaser trailer reveals more footage of [redacted], who has no plans on letting up, it seems.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for "Hawkeye." Proceed with caution.

Hawkeye Enemies Trailer

That's right! Black Widow's adopted sister, Yelena, has come to town, with Florence Pugh making her entrance in the most recent episode's final moments. The "Black Widow" post-credits scene pinned the blame for Natasha's death on Clint which is technically correct, though complicated. In any event, Yelena is now out for blood, and she is well equipped to get the job done. We get some more glimpses of Pugh kicking ass while saying flat-out that she plans to kill Clint.

Aside from that, we get some more looks at Alaqua Cox's Maya/Echo, as well as her right-hand-man Kazi, aka the "hot guy" of "Hawkeye," played by Fra Fee. It appears as though these last two episodes are going to be action-packed, with Kate Bishop tagging along for a dangerous ride.

A Big Showdown Is Imminent

Audiences know that (with shades of grey) both Clint Barton and Yelena Belova are "good," and that other people in the MCU are "bad." One has to imagine that they will somehow manage to set aside their differences before anyone actually dies. However, some blows will be exchanged before that happens. And there are other pressing matters to attend to in New York City at the moment.

The Tracksuit Mafia, led by Maya, still needs to be dealt with. More to the point, we still have the matter of Maya's ever-mysterious uncle to attend to. Up to this point, the man has only been mentioned, but we have a pretty good idea as to who this person might be. Spoiler alert — it's probably not Mephisto. With that in mind, it might be good for Clint and Yelena to sort this messy business out so they can work together to fry some bigger fish. Or, at the very least, so Yelena can allow Clint and Kate to see this thing through. Whatever the case, it seems we're in for it in the show's final hours.

"Hawkeye" returns with new episodes Wednesday on Disney+.