Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay Trailer: Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Good day, fellow "Star Wars" fans: not only is there a new trailer for an upcoming video game set within that galaxy far, far way, but it's a trailer that introduces several new characters to the franchise. And one of them is just two Jawas in a big trenchcoat! That is just one of the many bits of joy contained within the latest trailer for "Star Wars: Hunters," the upcoming free-to-play game coming next year. Let's take a look at the gameplay trailer, shall we?

Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay Trailer

Previous trailers for the game have been far less revealing. This, on the other hand, clues us into what the gameplay is actually going to look like. It's 4v4 arena combat, and it looks pretty cool for my money. And luckily, at least upfront, it's going to be free. Developer Zynga also has revealed a synopsis for the game, which reads as follows:

Join the greatest Hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy on the planet of Vespaara where high-stakes competitions are awaiting them in The Arena. Engage in thrilling third person combat to dominate grand battlefields set in a range of adventurous maps that evoke iconic Star Wars worlds. Mix and match teams, use skill, tactics and customize your Hunters to find a winning strategy and reap the spoils of victory in the all-new free-to-play game.

Fresh Faces In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Perhaps the biggest reveal contained within this new "Star Wars: Hunters" trailer is the wealth of new characters players will have the opportunity to explore. Rather than hinge this game on familiar characters, we're getting all new ones. And they range wildly: there's a well-equipped Stormtrooper, a particularly angry Wookiee, and yes, two Jawas in a big trenchcoat. 

Here is a breakdown of each of the new characters, directly from

  • Imara Vex, a masked and mysterious bounty hunter seen unleashing a barrage of rockets.

  • Grozz, a ferocious Wookiee who can rip a boulder from the floor to wield at enemies.

  • J-3DI, a droid that thinks he's a Jedi and employs a deadly lightsaber spin move.

  • Sentinel, a heavy Imperial gunner that calls in reinforcements.

  • Slingshot, a droideka and Ugnaught combo that makes good use of a shield.

  • Rieve, a lightsaber-wielding (and throwing) dark-side warrior.

  • Zaina, a rebel hero who cheers on her squad.

  • Utooni, a pair of Jawa brothers that stand on each other's shoulders to wreak havoc, with the skill to quickly assemble a scrap cannon.

It's easy to imagine Lucasfilm pulling some of these characters into the larger "Star Wars" universe, maybe even releasing a tie-in comic book series or something like that timed around the game's release next year. Even though it's a free, mobile-focused game, "Hunters" looks like it has a lot going for it.

"Star Wars: Hunters" is set to arrive in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and Apple mobile devices.