Daily Podcast: Hawkeye Episode 3 Spoiler Discussion

On the December 1, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by senior writer Brad Oman to have a spoiler-filled discussion about the third episode of "Hawkeye."

Opening Banter:

In The Spoiler Room: Hawkeye Episode 3 "Echoes"

  • Feedback
    • Manuel writes: Just watched the third episode. I think production on that episode was really good, unlike episode 2. But don't you think the story develops very slowly? It's a 6 episode show, we are already halfway through. I'm worried it will be like every other Marvel show, the main villain of season 1 will be a low level character and the end will tease something bigger to come. Thank you for the great podcast and looking forward to your thoughts on episode 3!

  • Brief reactions
  • Breakdown
    • Opens in 2007 with young Maya in a classroom
      • Fills out the answers in her workbook, one of which says, "I run as fast as a dragon." First mention of "dragon" in this episode, which is repeated a number of times throughout.

    • Maya and her dad at home (shadow puppets on the wall looks like it could be a dragon eating some kind of winged creature). "What sound does a dragon make? Are dragons real?" "Maybe they are, but dragons live in a different world." "What if they learned to come into our world?" "Well, that would make them stronger."

    • "You'll have to learn to jump between two worlds."

    • Years later, Maya rolls up to a body shop to discover Ronin slashing his way through the place, and he kills her dad. ("Fly away from here, little dragon.")

    • Clint and Kate tied up in the warehouse

    • Maya interrogates Clint, who tells her Ronin is dead

    • Clint runs across the tops of shelves, loses hearing aid

    • Car chase: communication issues, Kate murders people, acid arrows to drop the stoplights, Pym Tech arrow

    • Clint compliments Kate's ability, "we should walk the dog"

    • Phone call with Clint's son

    • Maya and Kazi talk: Kazi says they're supposed to be keeping a low profile, and it would be bad if "Uncle" found out that they were chasing the Ronin. Maya is pissed that he's questioning her leadership, insisting Kazi wouldn't be challenging her dad if he were in charge. Kazi says her dad always put the crew first.

    • Kate tells Clint she's dreamed of being a hero for as long as she can remember, and he says that lifestyle comes with sacrifices.

    • She draws him a new costume

    • "I'm not a role model."

    • The guy at the top of the Tracksuit Mafia "will do anything to grow the operation." Ronin "hit the supplier on the other side, and then hit Tracksuit upper management."

    • Break into Kate's mom's penthouse, Jack holds sword to Clint's neck

  • Speculation

  • Fat Man Auto Repair – guy in black suit squeezes young Maya's cheek at karate practice. Is this Kingpin, or a misdirect?

  • Is Kate's mom the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia?

  • What is Sloan Limited?

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