Extraction 2 Filming Has Begun In Prague

Russo Brothers collaborator Sam Hargrave has confirmed that filming is underway in Prague for "Extraction 2," the sequel to last year's "Extraction," also directed by Hargrave. Sharing from his Instagram account, the stunt coordinator and director strolls through icy Prague and proclaims, "That's a wrap on day one, here on 'Extraction 2' at the train location," before commenting on the biting snow that covers the background. Tyler Rake better grab a shawl on the way to his next mission.

"Extraction" was one of the more popular action films to stream on Netflix in 2020. It stars Chris Hemsworth as a black-ops mercenary named Tyler Rake who is assigned to rescue an Indian drug lord's abducted son in Bangladesh until some shady backstabbing has Rake going rogue. The screenplay is written by Joe and Anthony Russo, who staked their claim in the action game by directing four films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Extraction" is based on Ande Parks' 2014 graphic novel "Ciudad."

Joe Russo returns to pen the "Extraction 2" script, but Hargrave told Collider from the jump that he has the utmost confidence in the mighty Russo pen:

I think Joe and Anthony [Russo], that whole AGBO team, are brilliant in that building upon the Marvel universe aspect where a lot of these films connect and intersect in their journeys with characters. They're building on that model in the "Extraction" universe and there is a lot of opportunity to follow characters that people have shown an affinity for and sounds like they want to know more about.

With Hargrave and one Russo assuming their respective positions on the production, hopes are high and expectations are higher. 

'Shoot Day 1 is in the Books'

Here's the post, from Sam Hargrave's official Instagram account:

Hargrave captions the IG post, "Shoot Day 1 is in the books on 'Extraction 2!' We have such an amazing cast and crew...Excited about this one!!!"

There's plenty to be excited about; the original "Extraction" gave Netflix its greatest premiere in the streaming service's history upon its release in 2020 (an honor now held by Rawson Marshall Thurber's "Red Notice"). /Film's own Chris Evangelista enjoyed it as a simple shoot 'em up, but found himself wanting not more violence, but more effective action. One impressive sequence in the first film has 12 minutes' worth of Hemsworth employing defensive driving and parkour, guns blazing, down a city block, and that's the scene to beat in the sequel. This Prague "train location" seems a far cry from the palettes and aesthetics of Bangladesh, so we're off to a promising start.