For Auld Lang Syne Trailer: The Latest Peanuts Special Heads To Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is continuing the tradition of Peanuts specials for the holidays with "For Auld Lang Syne." The new special will begin streaming on December 10, 2021. Here is the tagline for you:

This year, start a new tradition with Lucy and the Peanuts gang as they plan a New Year's party they'll never forget.

As we learn in the trailer, Linus and Lucy's grandmother didn't come for Christmas this year and Lucy thinks it's her fault. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it might be. She's not exactly the nicest kid in the Peanuts gang. Lucy, who has her own psychiatric practice (I'd say "amateur," but the girl charges for it), decides to shake off her sadness by forcing the entire group to put on a New Year's party called, "Lucy's Gala: A New Year's Eve Celebration of Elegant Perfection!" It's not just the kids, of course. It appears that Woodstock and Snoopy's entire doggie family is getting in on the action. 

Lucy's Gala: A New Year's Eve Celebration of Elegant Perfection!

From the looks of it, Snoopy has invited his brother Spike (with the mustache), Marbles (with the spots), Andy (the fuzzy one), and Olaf (with the blue hat), and his sister Belle who wears a necklace and clearly uses doggie Latisse for those eyelashes. I hope they're going to address the fact that poor Spike usually gets the rough end of things in the family. The guy lives alone in Needles in the desert with only a cactus for company. He looks like he could use a trip to a groomer and a really good bowl of puppy chow. 

Lucy demands that everyone join the party planning team here, which is expected, but there are a few other tidbits in the trailer that grabbed me. I believe that's Charlie Brown dressed up as Elton John, which is pretty great. That seems to be only one of his outfits for the night. Lucy has new lyrics for "Auld Lang Syne," and we're definitely going to see Sally, Peppermint Patty, Marcie and Franklin. One can only assume that Schroeder will be taking care of the music for the evening's festivities. Perhaps Lucy should concentrate less on party planning and more on giving that poor piano-playing kid some space. Between that and the football snatching, she may be one of the least sympathetic "hero" characters in children's animation history. 

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to be doing some of the Peanuts dance moves this New Year's Eve! Especially that side-to-side prancing thing with the jazz hands. Happy New Year!