Will There Be A Hellbound Season 2? Here's What We Know

If you thought "Squid Game" was violent, it is likely you haven't seen "Hellbound" yet. A South Korean fantasy horror series, "Hellbound" is helmed by "Train to Busan" director Yeon Sang-ho, who also wrote the webtoon of the same name. The six-part series follows an apocalyptic society overrun with fear after the arrival of Hulk-like monsters cause chaos in the country. If "Squid Game" is a critique of capitalism and its impact on society, "Hellbound" is a critique of unchecked beliefs and how dangerous the falsehoods orchestrated by religious cults can be. It has quickly become Netflix's No. 1 show, which of course, begs the question: Is season 2 coming?

The series premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, just a day after its November 19 release on the streamer, and trended No. 1 in 20 countries. Netflix has yet to renew the series for a second season, but the first season's finale left a door open for creator Yeon Sang-ho to draw more inspiration for stories set in its horrific universe. If "Hellbound" is renewed to return, here's what we'll be sure to expect.

What Will Hellbound Season 2 Be About?

"Hellbound" is set in a world where supernatural beings appear out of thin air to carry sinners to hell. These events lead to the rise of "The New Truth," a religious cult focused on the idea of divine justice. Although death at the hands of these otherworldly monsters is believed to be permanent, the season finale hinted at the possibility that these people could be brought back to life, which means there's a renewed hope to end these outrageous occurrences. The season primarily emphasized humanity's response to the threat they were facing, but a second season could explore the origin of these creatures and the people who called upon them to bring doom to humankind.

Now that the characters know that these monsters don't only choose sinners to send to hell, the actions taken by The New Truth are questionable as ever and might meet with consequences. How did a dead person reconstitute themselves? Does that mean they never died? And where are the monsters sending the people? The answers to these questions will play a significant role in season 2 if Netflix decides to continue the story.

The Cast Of Hellbound Season 2

Netflix's "Hellbound" features a stellar cast, including the likes of Yoo Ah-in (Jeong Jin-soo) of "Burning" fame, Kim Hyun-joo (Min Hye-jin), Park Jung-min (Bae Young-jae), Won Jin-ah (Song So-hyun), and Yang Ik-june (Jin Kyeong-hoon). The characters are constantly divided between wanting to believe the fanaticism concerning these supernatural beings and attempting to end the influence of the religious cult.

A new season means a new roster of characters and cast members, but considering the surprising ending of "Hellbound" season 1, we can expect to see more from Park Jeong-ja (Kim Shin-rok), who was believed to be dead during the season but returned from hell in the finale. I wouldn't be surprised if she takes over as the protagonist in season 2!

Kim Hyun-Joo's Min Hye-jin and Yang Ik-june's Detective Jin Kyeong-hoon are also very much alive and may return in a second season. The presence of cult leader Jeong Jin-soo is vital for us to understand more about the religious organization and its corrupt ideals, and I'd love to see more about his life before he came to be the leader of The New Truth.

Hellbound Season 2: Is There A Trailer And Release Date?

"Hellbound" premiered on Netflix less than a week ago, so it is unlikely for the series to be renewed so soon. The streaming service rarely approves season 2 production on new shows before a month-long time period has passed, so we'll have to wait until there's an official announcement.

There's no trailer for the new season either, but if "Hellbound" season 2 materializes, it is possible that we may have a trailer in late 2022. The drama has received critical acclaim and quickly earned a positive reaction from fans across the globe, so Netflix can declare that they're producing a new season hopefully soon!

"Hellbound" is a rare glimpse into the world of supernatural monsters and the influence of fanatic cults. It offers intelligent insight into the concept of divine justice, in a way that I haven't seen before. The series dives deep into the philosophy of life and death and how religion impacts them both, as well as the tragedy that ensues when uncorrected ideals become our way of life. Here's hoping a second season will pick off exactly where the first one ended, because I need answers!