5 Marvel Characters We'd Love To See Jamie Dornan Play In The MCU

This is not a drill! Jamie Dornan has officially met with Kevin Feige! The actor met up with the Marvel Studios boss to discuss a potential role in the MCU ... and I'm unafraid to admit I might be slightly excited. Dornan is a great actor, he is more than just the star from "50 Shades of Grey," and he'd make an excellent addition to the film universe! He'd also look fabulous in a superhero suit.

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has brought to life some of the best superhero films we've ever watched on the big screen. The studio's new Disney+ miniseries format has allowed them to explore more characters from the comic books; for instance, She-Hulk, Agatha Harkness, Kate Bishop, White Vision, etc.

Marvel comics fans have been looking forward to seeing more superhero projects that feature comic book characters beyond the host of superheroes that have been already introduced. Jamie Dornan could fit into multiple roles within the MCU, but here are five we'd love to see him as!


I have no doubts that Charlie Cox nailed this role on the big screen, but if the Man without Fear/Matt Murdock does join the MCU, it could be a fitting role for Dornan.  We've rarely seen the same actor cross the Netflix/X-Men Marvel-verse and join the MCU. Even Evan Peters, who played Pietro/Quicksilver in the "X-Men" movies, couldn't reprise his role in "WandaVision," despite being in it. "Daredevil" was a sensation on Netflix, and deserves to find its way to the MCU.

Or Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops?

Cyclops is not your average superhero. He's one of the most powerful X-Men ever and was one of the late Stan Lee's two favorite mutants. He can fire destructive optic beams and is something of a tortured hero because he can't control his powers and needs ruby-quartz glasses to restrain them. The character appeared in both "X-Men" trilogies created by Fox. Actor James Marsden played the character in the original trilogy while Tye Sheridan took up the rose in the rebooted films. It would be pretty cool if Jamie Dornan could bring the character to life once more, as he hasn't been seen on the screen since "Dark Phoenix" (2019).

Could He Beat Henry Cavill For The Role Of Captain Britain?

Henry Cavill's iteration of Superman has been my favorite DC hero since I saw him in "Man of Steel." He's already fit enough to play Captain Britain. He is British and interested in the role, but he has already beat Dornan for a part once.

Jamie Dornan shared with The New York Times that Henry Cavill beat him to play Superman in the DCEU. Though Cavill was perfect for the part, I do believe that Dornan could make a stellar Captain Britain (who, by the way, is stronger than Captain America). His set of powers include the flying brick skillset (Flight, Super Strength, High Durability), and he's trained in hand-to-hand combat. Dornan might have to put on some muscle to look the part, but here's what I say: if Marvel Studios can transform Kumail Nanjiani to Kingo, they can do anything.

Or Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider

I'm not big on casting rumors (unless they involve the Spider-Verse). Still, after literally everyone on the internet was talking about Nightmare being the antagonist of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," it wouldn't be surprising for Marvel Studios to greenlight a Ghost Rider project later. Nightmare serves as an enemy to Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider, so if the storyline doesn't conclude by the end of the film, maybe a post-credits scene could hint at a future feature film? It would be pretty exciting to see Jamie Dornan play the stunt performer and, you know, ride a bike.

Anthony Mackie Wants Dornan To Play Gambit

Back in 2020, Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan starred in the sci-fi thriller "Synchronic" together. In an interview with Looper, Mackie and Dornan discussed the latter's possibility of joining the MCU, and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" star had ideas! Mackie believes his co-star is perfect for the role of Remy LeBeau/Gambit, a powerful mutant who can create, control, and manipulate pure kinetic energy.

Interestingly, Channing Tatum was previously eyed to play the character in an untitled project in an "X-Men" solo spin-off. Dornan might have to grow his hair out before suiting up as the hero and work with a dialect coach for the strong Cajun accent, but I have no reservations about his ability to prepare for the role!