Pam & Tommy Teaser: Sebastian Stan And Lily James Transform In Hulu's Sex Tape Drama

Say hi to "Pam & Tommy"! In our first teaser for Craig Gillespie miniseries, Lily James ("Downton Abbey," "Cinderella") and Sebastian Stan ("The Falcon and the Winter Soldier") have transformed into the titular roles of "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The series will dive headfirst into the past to retell the scandalous story of their leaked sex tape. We previously got a glimpse of how unrecognizable Stan and James would become for their roles, but seeing it in action is something else entirely.

You can watch the full "Pam & Tommy" teaser below!

Pam & Tommy Teaser

Though he's not as fully transformed as the film's titular stars, it might be difficult to recognize Seth Rogen without his beard. Doubling as executive producer on the film, Rogen also plays​​ Rand, the unsavory electrician who steals the famous couple's sex tape after installing a security system for Tommy Lee. As we see in the teaser, he brings said tape to the equally sleazy porn producer, "Uncle Miltie" played by Nick Offerman, who later helps with distribution. And so begins the absolute storm of media coverage and internet madness, that came from the worlds most infamous sex tape.

In case you haven't heard this one before, Pamela Anderson (a Playboy Playmate and "Baywatch" alum) and Tommy Lee (the drummer of rock band Mötley Crüe) were one of the most talked about couples of the '90s. After getting married within a week of meeting each other, they became tabloid favorites, constantly thrust into the spotlight — which only intensified when the sex tape filmed during their honeymoon was stolen and leaked to the public. The limited series is expected to retrace it all: the whirlwind romance, the honeymoon, the flurry of attention that follows the leak, the litigation and of course, the fallout.

Limited series rehashing scandals of the past is all the rage now — just ask the many seasons of "American Crime Story." One of their biggest selling points being the opportunity to reflect on the cultural impact of each event. "I'm on that tape, same as you," Stan's Tommy Lee says in the trailer, as we flicker between flashes of the couple in the public eye. "No, not like me you're not," James' Anderson replies, a hint at how she would be treated in the aftermath of the leak. Hindsight will add fascinating depth to the miniseries, especially given how differently sex scandals play out now, versus in the '90s. Make no mistake though, this self-awareness is part of the humorous charm: "Pam & Tommy" is a comedy, darkly funny in the same vein of Gillespie's 2017 film, "I, Tonya." But this time, with even more wigs and so much makeup.

"Pam & Tommy" premieres on Hulu on February 2, 2022.