Agatha Harkness Disney+ Show Gets An Official Title And Logo

We already knew that Kathryn Hahn's scene-stealing "WandaVision" character Agatha Harkness was getting her own spin-off. Now we have a logo for the show along with a title. This news comes to us from Disney+ Day, a big event for logo fans everywhere! While there's no footage or no real news here, we all love Kathryn Hahn so damn much around these parts that we're bringing you this post. You're welcome. "WandaVision" showrunner Jac Schaeffer is on board to write and executive produce the series. Earlier this year, Schaeffer signed a three-year overall TV deal with Marvel Studios and 20th Television, and this is part of that deal. Check out the logo below. 

Agatha: House of Harkness

There it is! The logo and the title! The show is officially called "Agatha: House of Harkness." Honestly, I thought Disney and Marvel would've gone with "Agatha All Along," since that title was already established in "WandaVision." But I guess not! We don't know a whole lot about the show just yet, but we do know Kathryn Hahn is coming back, and really, that's all we need to know. Hahn's performance quickly became a highlight of "WandaVision," and when that series came to an end, everyone wanted to know if we'd get to see Hahn, and Agatha, again.

When asked if she would like to reprise the role, Hahn said: 

"If I were to ever come back, there's so many aspects of her that I think are fascinating. She touches in so many different worlds throughout the comics. You know, she's a centuries-old witch and has seen a lot, and there's a lot of different people and beings that she's crossed paths with over the last couple of centuries, so that would be a blast to explore."

At the end of "WandaVision," Wanda had trapped Agatha in her "Agnes" persona, taking away her magical abilities in the process. This suggests the show could be about Agatha getting her powers back. Or it could be a kind of prequel – after all, both "WandaVision" and Marvel Comics have established that Agatha has been around for a long time. There are decades upon decades of Agatha stories just waiting to be told. 

Marvel and Disney haven't given the show a date yet. Instead, they've simply made us aware that the series was coming "soon." So stay tuned.