Welcome To Earth Trailer: Will Smith Is Almost Guaranteed To Survive His Latest Adventure

We've seen Will Smith face off against everything from extraterrestrials to Orcs, and in the upcoming biopic "King Richard," he'll have to survive the perils of ... tennis? But those are works of fiction! Now, Will Smith is delving into the death-defying insanity of real life for "Welcome To Earth." The series sees the star teaming up with National Geographic and Disney+ to explore some of Earth's greatest wonders with real-life adventurers, scientists, and experts. Will it be dangerous? You betcha. But if anyone has the sheer charisma to survive, it's Will Smith! 

As part of the explosive Disney+ day, the streamer just released a new trailer for "Welcome to Earth," which you can watch below.

Welcome to Earth Trailer

National Geographic is once again delivering impeccable visuals with sweeping landscape shots of Will Smith's adventures. Being so vivid means they're not only beautiful, but vaguely terrifying. We see glimpses of Smith traversing the sea, dangling over cliffs and propelling down mountains. Sure enough, the actor is a bundle of enthusiasm and nerves as he delves into the unknown. Luckily, his guiding experts are full of comforting comments like: "I almost guarantee you're gonna survive."

"Welcome to Earth" may sounds like a greeting to aliens, but it's directed at the audience of Smith's upcoming show (ie. us lowly humans). Over the course of multiple episodes, the series reveals how much of our planet remains unseen and unnoticed. But as Smith embarks on his journey to the ends of the Earth, more of the planet's secrets are revealed. Smith himself realizes the groundbreaking nature of his exploration, wondering aloud, "So I could be one of the first people to ever see this?" Surely the reward of seeing new places is worth propelling off a cliff? Or, say, diving 3000 feet deep in a submarine, where an expert casually notes that they're protected by only "6 inches of plastic"?

It probably helps that this isn't Smith's first time exploring Earth's wonders — three years ago he led another National Geographic series, "One Strange Rock." But this time he'll venture into even more extreme environments: exploring volcanic mountains, deep seas, deserts, and glaciers.

The long list of experts guiding Smith through include marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer Diva Amon, polar expeditionist Dwayne Fields, engineer and National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin, National Geographic Photographer Cristina Mittermeier, and mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer. "Welcome to Earth" is executive produced by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan," "Requiem for a Dream"), with music composed by Daniel Pemberton ("Trial of The Chicago 7," "Steve Jobs").

"Welcome to Earth" comes to Disney+ on December 8, 2021. You can check out the new series poster below.