Licorice Pizza Early Buzz: A Magical '70s Romp With Engaging And Genuine Leads

If you're a film nerd like me, you've probably been waiting with bated breath for Paul Thomas Anderson's latest, "Licorice Pizza," since it was announced. There's nobody who knows '70s California stories quite like Anderson, and the prospect is enticing — but there is, of course, the other potential prospect: that Anderson finally delivers us a dud in his chosen sub-genre, the one he has come to be the king of. That being said, all signs point to that not happening, which is a serious relief.

Despite the positive vibes, a lot of us will be waiting through the rest of the month, until the film releases on November 26, to see it. In my opinion, that is approximately a lifetime away, and I may or may not have a countdown going in my phone at this point. So, if you're feeling what I'm feeling, at least take comfort in the film's early buzz for now, which ranges from totally elated to mostly elated. It needs to be said: PTA really is a master of his craft, huh?

Licorice Pizza Early Buzz

Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango writer Erik Davis definitely seems to embody us all when he says he "fell hard" for the film, and notes its rewatchability.

Variety writer Courtney Howard gushed over the film's "killer" soundtrack and lead performances — and even claimed the movie does a magical job of "capturing a time when youthful possibilities crash into reality."

Variety awards editor Clayton Davis highlighted supporting actor Bradley Cooper's performance and his potential for Oscar glory.

Collider's Perri Nemiroff complimented PTA's approach with this movie — and confirmed that his superior skill at stylizing '70s Los Angeles has yet to wane.

Josh Blumenkrantz claims that Alana Haim's performance is a complete revelation, and notes that moviegoers will be "captivated by her every move."

Naturally, there were a few folks who weren't as taken with the film — but to each his own, right? Yahoo Entertainment correspondent Kevin Polowy felt the movie was a bit all over the place but still full of heart.

We Live Entertainment founder Scott Menzel felt the first half of the movie really shined, but said it was hard to deny the picture's pure heart and audience accessibility.

AwardsWatch editor-in-chief Erik Anderson "liked" the movie more than he "loved" it — including its lack of Bradley Cooper, for the critic's taste — but he praised Haim and Cooper Hoffman for giving "effortlessly natural performances" with "great chemistry."

Like I said, the people are liking "Licorice Pizza" — which only bodes well for all of us who have yet to see the flick. I'm ready to see this one at a midnight screening, and I think it would be a perfect little pick-me-up going into the holiday season. All I can say is: Thank you, PTA.