Midnight Run Sequel Will Star Regina Hall, Robert De Niro To Produce

Have you ever caught yourself wistfully thinking that they just don't make 'em like "Midnight Run" anymore? Well, somebody in Hollywood must have heard those thoughts because the adored 1988 buddy comedy is being revived with yet another attempt at a very long-delayed sequel. The original film starred Robert de Niro and Charles Grodin flawlessly playing off one another as, respectively, an ex-cop bounty hunter and embezzling mob accountant. The premise of the story involves de Niro's Jack Walsh dodging cops, drug lords, and even fellow bounty hunters in a cross-country attempt to bring Grodin's Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas from New York to Los Angeles to post bail. 

Now, this latest news about a sequel would seem to echo the Duke's poignant words to Walsh, though perhaps not quite how he intended it: See ya in the next life!

Another Midnight Run

With a premise as rich as the one in "Midnight Run," it's no surprise that Universal isn't ready to call it quits over a potential sequel just yet. According to THR, actor Regina Hall is attached to star in this decades-later follow-up to the original hit film. Although de Niro is said to be on board as producer on the film, the wording in the report doesn't make it seem as if the legendary actor will be dusting off that musty black leather jacket to reprise his role as Jack Walsh. As the undeniable strength of "Midnight Run" came from the magic between de Niro and Grodin's particular character dynamic, we're curious to see who Hall will be paired with as the casting for this new sequel fills out. 

Hall, of course, has remained busy and in-demand since her turn in 2017's "Girls Trip," starring in "Insecure," the excellent "Support the Girls," "The Hate U Give," "Shaft," and most recently "Black Monday" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" in the years since. Little else is known about the project at this stage, except that the script is currently being written by Aeysha Carr ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine").

 As mentioned, this isn't the first attempt to move forward with a "Midnight Run" sequel, either. THR mentions a 2010 report (which /Film covered at the time) that would've seen the return of de Niro, but not Grodin. Sadly, Grodin passed away earlier this year and would've enjoyed seeing a fresh round of appreciation for the classic movie — particularly his delightfully deadpan performance. In 1994, Universal Television greenlit a straight-to-television sequel that was imaginatively titled "Another Midnight Run" that recast de Niro's Jack Walsh and led to another two sequels. We'll bring you more updates on this "Midnight Run" sequel as they come in.