Perry Mason Season 2 Adds Katherine Waterston And Six More Cast Members

You know what was an underappreciated little series last year? HBO Max's "Perry Mason." The series was put down a bit by longtime fans of the original show for being too much of a needless origin story for the character and his investigative buddies instead of diving right into all the good stuff immediately. That's a common enough criticism that I can usually get on board with, but I thought this was a solid enough way to get new audiences (like me!) on board with Matthew Rhys' utterly morose and tortured take on the private investigator. Anyone who's seen his performance in "The Americans" likely found lots to love about his turn in "Perry Mason" as well.

Fans have known for a while that season 2 has been in the works but, aside from the (frankly not terribly surprising) news about the change in showrunners, little else has been revealed. That's finally changing, as we've finally received some casting news that's sure to excite knowledgeable movie fans.

Perry Mason Castings

Variety brings the news of casting reports for season 2 of "Perry Mason," led by Katherine Waterston. She will join the series as Ginny Aimes, "the schoolteacher of every parents' dreams. Also joining the cast are Juliet Rylance as his legal assistant Della Street, Chris Chalk as cop-turned-investigator Paul Drake, and Shea Whigham as Perry's friend Pete Strickland. The report includes character descriptions for each new actor:

  • Katherine Waterston as Ginny Aimes — "Emblematic of the sort of optimism that got people through Depression-era Los Angeles, Ginny is the schoolteacher of every parents' dreams. Perry was reluctant to send Teddy to private school but discovers he's happy his kid is in Ginny's hands — and finds he might need some of her sunshine for himself, too."
  • Hope Davis as Camilla Nygaard — "Camilla's a badass, no-nonsense business woman who sees Della's ambition and takes her under wing. As a cultured woman, Camilla cares for her health and fitness and spends her wealth bringing art to Los Angeles."
  • Jon Chaffin as Morris — "Clara's brother and Paul's brother-in-law, Morris is a boisterous energy to whom Clara and Drake owe a great debt of gratitude for letting them stay under his roof. He's always looking for ways to support his family, even in desperate times."
  • Fabrizio Guido as Rafael Gallardo — "Despite coming from a farming family, Rafael is a talented artist with the heart of a poet. He, alongside his brother, is standing trial and facing execution, and the odds couldn't be more stacked against him."
  • Peter Mendoza as Mateo Gallardo — desperate living situation they've been reduced to. With his brother, he must come to terms with the encroaching possibility of his execution after he's accused of murder.
  • Onohoua Rodriguez as Luisa Gallardo — "Rafael's and Mateo's aunt, Luisa is determined to get her nephews out of this hellhole of a bind. Fearing the court of public opinion will overshadow a fair trial, Luisa seeks out the help of a more caring attorney than the public defender they were assigned."
  • Jee Young Han as Marion Kang — "Marion is fresh out of secretarial school and is the new hire in the office to replace Della's spot behind the desk. In addition to her meticulous organizational talents, Marion has a few tricks up her sleeve that keep Perry and Della constantly on their feet."

Season 2 of "Perry Mason" will air on HBO Max on a to-be-announced premiere date.