Animal Trailer: Netflix Takes A Walk On The Wild Side

Where The Wild Things Are

After almost two years of closely monitoring the behavior of humans during the pandemic, Netflix is providing audiences some relief with a new series simply entitled "Animal." Personally, I'm very excited to shift the focus from humans to wildlife. Netflix states the new series will allow viewers to "get even closer to nature's biggest stars. 'Animal' takes you on an emotional, immersive, and revelatory ride into some of the greatest wildernesses on Earth." The show seems pretty all-encompassing, covering life on land, in the sky, and under the sea.

I'm sold simply on the fact that audiences get a new show focusing on the lives of wild animals like tigers, cheetahs, hawks, monkeys, and wolves. Check out the trailer below and see how adorable or intense we're getting here.

Where The Wild Things Are

Netflix has a vast selection of nature and ecology docuseries already, but it appears that "Animal" will focus on wildlife that is known for unique traits such as their strength, aggressiveness, speed, and agility. Other shows in their catalog focus on animals with vibrant hues, those that are nocturnal, as well as those that are just plain cute. It looks like this series will provide plenty of cuteness, as well, though. I mean, did you see those baby cheetahs? And those baby koalas are so damn precious. 

I do wonder how each episode will be broken up. The trailer isn't very detailed nor is the show's IMDb page. They could focus on one animal per episode or even one territory per episode with a corresponding narrator. Either way, I'm into it and look forward to checking it out.

Like most nature documentaries, "Animal" comes with a talented list of narrators including Bryan Cranston, Rashida Jones, Rebel Wilson, Pedro Pascal, and Uzo Aduba just to name a few, which I imagine can help with keeping audiences engaged. After listening to Sigourney Weaver's narration of "Planet Earth," I started nodding off because of how relaxing her voice is. I doubt that will be the case with Rebel Wilson or Rashida Jones, though. 

Either way, I'm stoked to watch a new wildlife series and learn some interesting facts about how they survive, play, and love. 

It looks like humans won't be part of the focus of "Animal," which is somewhat refreshing but may also be its downfall. After the detrimental 2019 Australian wildfires that killed or injured over 60,000 koalas, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) conducted a study the following year that revealed nearly 3 billion animals (mammals, birds, frogs, and reptiles) were affected by the flames that ravaged more than 24 hectares of land. Hopefully, "Animal" will address topics such as climate change and deforestation that can negatively affect wildlife. If you're curious about where we as a planet stand with regards to endangered species and those at risk of becoming endangered, the WWF keeps an active list.

"Animal" premieres on Netflix on November 10, 2021.