Eternals Is Just 'An Introduction To A Larger Story' For Kit Harington's Black Knight [Exclusive]

The man most famous for knowing nothing and standing around looking miserable in a fur coat (we kid because we love) is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's right, Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, is in Chloé Zhao's "Eternals," and he's hinted that there's plenty of potential for him to have his own movie or show up somewhere else in the MCU. 

In "Eternals," Harington plays Dane Whitman, a character who becomes the Black Knight in the comic books when he takes up the cursed Ebony Blade. He's technically the third Marvel character to use the name, and he's not technically an Eternal. (It's entirely possible that he could be an immortal in the MCU, because they might have written around the comics continuity or combined Whitman with the first Black Knight incarnation, Sir Percy of Camelot.)

Dane Whitman and The Black Knight

The story of Whitman suiting up and becoming the new Black Knight happened in Avengers #47 in 1967. He finally got the Ebony Blade in 1984 in Doctor Strange #68-69, though whether that's a good thing is up for debate. If the sword draws even a single drop of blood, Whitman will be cursed to transform into the same metal used to forge the blade. Yikes.

When /Film's Hoai-Tran Bui had a chance to chat with Harington about his "Eternals" role, she had to know if there was going to be more of this mysterious superhero in store for the future. Harington shared what he could without giving too away any surprises:

"I can't tell you a lot. I can tell you honestly don't know. I don't know where, or if it's going anywhere. I know what's on the internet about him. I know who he's meant to be, and the person that you reference, but really in this, he is, like we've discussed, he's the human side of the story and anything beyond this is hopefully coming. I do think that this is the intro to the character. This is why I took the role, because it's an introduction to a larger story, hopefully. But right now I'm in this movie, it may go nowhere."

Wait. Does this mean that Harington... knows nothing? (I had to. I'm sorry.)

Where Black Knight Could Go From Here

Black Knight's story is a truly wild one that has him switching bodies, jumping through time, and hanging out with Eternals and gods alike. He has a passionate love affair with the Eternal Sersi, leads a team of superheroes called the Ultraforce, and even gets to meet the Arthurian Lady of the Lake. He even fights Dracula! 

If Harington's hunch is correct and his role in "Eternals" leads to more Whitman and eventually Black Knight in the MCU, there's room for just about every kind of story imaginable. Marvel's starting to dig into some of their weirder IPs, to the joy of comic nerds everywhere.

Check out "Eternals" when it hits theaters nationwide on November 5, 2021.