Landscapers Trailer: Olivia Colman Buries Her Bloody Secrets In HBO True Crime Miniseries

Academy-Award winner Olivia Colman takes the lead in HBO's upcoming true crime miniseries "Landscapers." It's not the first time we've seen her deep in the weeds of a mysterious investigation, but this time, Colman isn't trying to solve a murder — she's the one involved. 

"Landscapers" explores the story of Susan Edwards (Colman) and husband Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis), a middle-aged, mild-mannered couple discovered to have two bodies buried in their backyard. These two aren't your typical murderers — which is exactly what makes their story so intriguing. Inspired by the true story of the 1998 Nottinghamshire murders, the miniseries will delve into how this couple came to commit these dark deeds, and what came next for their relationship.

HBO just unveiled the first trailer for "Landscapers," which you can watch below!

Landscapers Trailer

Limited series murder mysteries are becoming HBO's bread-and-butter — but in a year that gave us "Mare of Easttown" and "The White Lotus," how could we possibly complain? "Landscapers" keeps the trend going by telling the darkly comedic tale of a "normal couple" who end up the subject of a murder investigation. But rather than solely centering their deadly deeds, "Landscapers" is also invested in their love story, told through the eyes of Colman's Susan.

As the investigation into their lives move forward, viewers will see the world through Susan's intense imagination: obsessed with old Westerns and classic cinema, she recasts the couple as Hollywood heroes in an alternate version of their lives. The fantasy will help shield her and Chris from the real-world horrors of the investigation, but can only hold for so long. The trailer shows a detective prodding Susan for information capped off with, "You do want us to know the truth, don't you?" Obviously, whatever sanctuary Susan finds in her imagination won't shield them forever.

Inspired by real life events, this four part series comes from actor and debut screenwriter Ed Sinclair, also the real-life husband of Olivia Colman. Also filling out the cast is Kate O'Flynn ("Bridget Jones's Baby"), Dipo Ola ("We Hunt Together"), Samuel Anderson ("Doctor Who"), David Hayman ("The Paradise"), Felicity Montagu ("I'm Alan Partridge"), and Daniel Rigby ("Flowers").

Even before "Landscapers" was tossed into the mix, this year has proven that Olivia Colman is booked and busy! In addition to an exciting crop of upcoming projects, Colman is involved in a whopping 7 releases for 2021. So far we've heard her voice in two different animated features — "Ron's Gone Wrong," and the Netflix hit, "Mitchells Vs The Machines," plus she served as a narrator in the travel doc, "Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure." 

Colman also has three more releases on the way: the British drama "Mothering Sunday," the Benedict Cumberbatch-led biopic "The Electrical Life of Louis Wan," and Maggie Gyllenhaal's directorial debut, "The Lost Daughter." Did you need an Olivia Colman fix? Because she more than has you covered.

"Landscapers" debuts December 6, 2021 on HBO and HBO Max.