War Crime Expert Discovers Timothée Chalamet's Secret Xbox Controller YouTube Channel

Timothée Chalamet may be a rising movie star, leading the biggest event film of the moment and followed by legions of extremely thirsty fans, but there was a time when he tried to launch his own business via a random YouTube channel and made a grand total of $30. 

Fans began sniffing out Chalamet's childhood YouTube page a few years ago when a fanpage called ChalametUniverse noticed the actor favorited a very old, random video from a YouTube channel called ModdedController360 in which a faceless tween showed off the custom paint job he did for an Xbox 360 controller and offered his services for the very reasonable price of $10 plus shipping and handling. 

Chalamet's name is nowhere to be found on the channel itself, which only posted three videos in 2010, and we never see the lad's face, but that wasn't going to dissuade the internet from doing its thing.

'Here's Red Tiger. It Looks Nice. It Looks Sexy.'

Recently Vice put two experts on the case and they took this as seriously as a forensic scientist would a horrific crime scene, cross referencing background glimpses with childhood bedroom photographs Chalamet has shared via his social posts. Matthew Gault and Emanuel Maiberg even went so far as to dig up analysis from open source war investigators, which includes a particularly convincing piece of evidence: Chalamet has a distinctive scar on the ring finger of his left hand and that scar can be seen in the videos of ModdedController360 as the faceless young man is showing off his wares.

The internet loves a good mystery and this Vice article dives deeeeeeeeeep, looking at carpet patterns, and enhancing low-res 11-year-old YouTube videos to make out chair fabric patterns and grainy bean bag chairs in the deep background. 

They treated this like the friggin' Zapruder film, analyzing every frame for proof that this young man would one day grow up to be one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood.

One final, amazing twist to this whole thing is that Vice put in all that time and effort to compile a story around this mystery only to find out that during the "Dune" junket Chalamet fessed up to being ModdedController360 and opened up about his short-lived career as a custom Xbox controller painter.

'I Worked on This Story for a Year ... and They Just Tweeted It'

In the above interview with Nate Hill, he talks about his process modding those controllers, which involved spray paint and angry parents. Zendaya doesn't seem all that impressed with his three clients, but hey, I bet those three people are really psyched they have a custom Chalamet controller in their collection. The admission comes around the 8:00 mark.

For the record, Tim, I still play on Xbox and there's a nice, crisp ten dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket. I'm ready to sign up for your services. Have your people call my people and we'll make it work.