True Story Trailer: Kevin Hart And Wesley Snipes Get In Trouble With The Law

Kevin Hart is taking a step back from comedy for his first dramatic TV role... as a comedian. Going just a bit outside his comfort zone, Hart stars in the upcoming Netflix limited series "True Story" as a funny-man with a dark past. He'll take to the stage to get a stadium roaring with laughter, but the series trailer shows that the humor stops there — once offstage, things get more serious than this comic can handle.

You can watch the first trailer for "True Story" below!

True Story Trailer

In "True Story," Kevin Hart is world famous comedian The Kid, touring the country to stadiums full of adoring fans. He's riding a career high, dubbed "one of Hollywood's brightest stars" and greeted by flashing cameras and celebrity perks everywhere he goes. But things get complicated once he returns to his hometown, Philadelphia. Hart is joined by award-winning actor Wesley Snipes as Kid's wayward brother Carlton, who he reconnects with while in town. After many drinks, leading to a mysterious blackout, The Kid wakes to find his life flipped upside down.

Though he has little memory of the night before, he ends up entangled in a world of crime that threatens to destroy everything he's built for himself. Cue some absolute insanity — the trailer smash cuts from a raucous comedy performance and clinking celebration glasses to flashing police sirens, loaded guns and bloody faces. By the end, we see The Kid in an orange jumpsuit, proving the dangerous consequences of their late-night antics. 

At the center of the series is the tension between the two brothers: The Kid and Carlton are somewhat estranged, and figuring out why will likely explain the trouble they're now wrapped up in. It'll be interesting to see Hart play this out, tackling his most dramatic role yet. His most recent performance in the Netflix drama "Fatherhood" saw him veer into the sentimental, but still made room for his typical comedy stylings. It's hard to imagine "True Story" as entirely devoid of jokes — its main character is a comedian, after all — but the trailer avoids punchlines in favor of upping the tension, so who knows?

This seven-episode limited drama comes from "Narcos" and "Narcos: Mexico" executive producer and showrunner Eric Newman, as part of his overall deal with Netflix. His additional upcoming projects include the forthcoming Chris Hemsworth sci-fi thriller, "Escape From Spiderhead" and the Netflix sequel film, "Bright 2." "True Story" is executive produced by Newman and Hart. The first three episodes are helmed by "Watchmen" director Stephen Williams and the last four by "Star Trek: Picard" director Hanelle Culpepper.

The cast of "True Story" also includes Tawny Newsome ("Space Force"), Paul Adelstein ("Prison Break"), Will Catlett ("Black Lightning"), Chris Diamantopoulos ("Silicon Valley"), Lauren London ("The Game"), Ash Santos ("American Horror Story"), John Ales ("Euphoria") and Theo Rossi ("Army of the Dead").

"True Story" arrives on Netflix in time for Thanksgiving weekend, on November 24, 2021.