Mike Flanagan Wants To Make A Star Wars Horror Movie

Mike Flanagan, a modern master of horror responsible for films like "Doctor Sleep" and "Oculus" and TV shows like "The Haunting of Hill House" and "Midnight Mass," wants to make a "Star Wars" horror movie. And if you ask me, someone should take him up on this idea. To be fair, Flanagan didn't offer any insight into what his "Star Wars" horror movie could be, since the entire inspiration for this news story comes from a random tweet the filmmaker fired off following an earthquake. But it's fun to speculate, and we like to have fun around these here parts, kids. And in all seriousness, I would love for the ever-growing world of "Star Wars" to try out different genres. Give us a "Star Wars" mystery! A "Star Wars" musical! A "Star Wars" rom-com! The possibilities are endless. 

Star Wars Horror!

In my opinion, if we must have a non-stop barrage of "Star Wars" material – and clearly, we must – it would be nice if they tried new things. Not every "Star Wars" movie or show needs to connect directly to the original trilogy. And they shouldn't have to follow the same space opera formula, either. Why not have some fun and try out new genres? There was kind of an attempt at this with "Rogue One," which could be considered a heist flick. But that's a movie that still feels like it's beholden to "Star Wars" tradition. 

Trying out new genres in the world of "Star Wars" could work, and work well. And horror seems like a good fit – after all, "Star Wars" is a world with established monsters and ghosts. As of right now, there are no plans for a "Star Wars" horror project – but if Disney wants to pull the trigger on this, they might want to give Mike Flanagan a call. The "Midnight Mass" creator recently posted on social media:

"Got woken up by the earthquake this morning, sat there for a few minutes just thinking 'I'd really love to make a horror movie in the STAR WARS universe...'"

Flanagan didn't elaborate any further, probably because he doesn't want anyone to steal his ideas. Still, this is fun to dream about. And it's not exactly unprecedented, either. "Death Troopers," a novel by Joe Schreiber published in 2009, is a horror story set in the "Star Wars" galaxy. And Disney+ is currently streaming the animated "LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales." In short: let Mike Flanagan make a "Star Wars" horror movie, damn it!