Kevin Feige Discusses That Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene In Typical Feige Fashion

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the credits scene of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage." Turn back now if you don't want to know what happens.

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" ends with something comic book movie fans have been wanting to see for years: Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock/Venom being incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony and Marvel Studios have a somewhat complicated relationship at the moment with Spider-Man basically being loaned out to appear in the MCU for a limited time, so the tease inherent in this credits scene – that Venom will come face to face with Tom Holland's Spider-Man in a future film – seems like a difficult thing to have accomplished. It turns out it required a lot of work, but don't expect Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to share any juicy details about exactly how it came to be.

Feige on That Venom: Let There Be Carnage Credits Scene

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feige was asked how the movie's credits scene came together. His response was a perfect encapsulation of the type of answers he's been giving on red carpets for years:

"There was a lot of coordination — and if you don't know all the coordination yet, I'm not going to be the one to tell you — but yes, between Sony and Marvel and the 'Venom' team and the 'No Way Home' team. We worked together on it."

Feige's Mastery of Saying Nothing

Feige has never indicated that he'd be interested in running for political office, but he has perfected one of the primary skills of any great politician: the ability to say something without really saying much of anything at all. He tends to answer just about any question reporters throw at him, and in the moment, his answers sound reasonable and occasionally even insightful. But when you play back the audio of his response or parse the text of what he has actually said, more often than not his answer reveals itself to be like grabbing a giant handful of sand: something that feels solid at first, but quickly slips through your fingers.

He essentially answered the question by saying, "Yep, it was a lot of work and we did it!", which is not exactly revelatory. But as you can see, Feige is a true master of doling out information only when he's good and ready. So don't get fooled: unless the man is on the stage during a Disney investor day, a D23 Expo, or a Comic-Con presentation, there's a good chance that he'll be as slippery as Sam* when answering questions. 

*As in Slippery Sam, the Marvel Comics character with "the innate ability to wiggle free from anyone's grasp."