Ghostbusters: Afterlife International Trailer Teases The Legacy Of Egon Spengler And A Familiar Threat

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is nearly upon us. It's been nearly two years since the first trailer for this movie debuted, and thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it's been a long road to get the movie into theaters. Come rain or shine, the "Ghostbusters" sequel from director Jason Reitman ("Juno"), son of original franchise director Ivan Reitman, is coming to theaters in November. So far Sony Pictures has played things pretty close to the vest when it comes to revealing certain story details about the film, but a new "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" international trailer finally teases the legacy of Egon Spengler, who has left the fate of the world in the hands of his grandchildren.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife International Trailer

The trailer opens with an unidentified figure driving like hell in a utility truck to do something with a full ghost trap. But before he can get to his destination, his truck crashes in a corn field, apparently pushed by an unseen entity of some kind. We're also shown what appears to be the lead-up to that moment, where an unseen ghost stomps through a dirt field towards the dilapidated farm house.

Based on what we know about "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," we're pretty sure this is Egon Spengler (though the late Harold Ramis probably won't actually be seen), and this is likely how he died. Whatever Egon stumbled upon in Summerville, Oklahoma is about to be unleashed, so it's a good thing he left the farmhouse and all the Ghostbusters secrets within it to his daughter (Carrie Coon) and grandchildren (Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard). Otherwise there would be no one left to save the world.

This international trailer shows a lot more ghostbusting action, including the downtown chase with the new specter called Muncher. There's also even more hints at the return of Gozer the Gozerian. In fact, there are a couple moments in here that make it seem like the concept of the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper might be back as well, including a shot of Carrie Coon in some kind of torn, saucy wardrobe that is giving us possessed Sigourney Weaver vibes. 

The early reactions to "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" have been somewhat mixed, with some reviews mentioning the film's reliance on a little too much nostalgia, never truly able to tear itself away from the legacy of the original franchise and stand on its own. Others found the nostalgia to merely be icing on the cake of a great new adventure that ushers in "Ghostbusters" for a new generation while still giving longtime fans something to savor. We'll just have to decide for ourselves when "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" arrives in theaters on November 19, 2021.