Young Justice: Phantoms Trailer: The Beloved Animated Series Returns

"Young Justice" fans, rejoice! The beloved animated series is returning to HBO Max soon, and a new trailer for "Young Justice: Phantoms" has been unveiled during DC FanDome. 

"Young Justice: Phantoms" is the fourth season of "Young Justice," following last season's "Young Justice: Outsiders." Over 26 episodes, the show will continue its trajectory of focusing on young superheroes in the expansive DC universe. The series revolved around the professional, humanitarian, and romantic goings-on of teenage superhero sidekicks who are members of a fictional superhero team cleverly called... the Team, during a time when supernatural powers and tight costumes and the like are a new thing. 

Created and produced by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman for Cartoon Network, "Young Justice: Phantoms," enters its latest season with the promise of a smaller cadre of characters. At DC FanDome – an annual, virtual fan event to unveil upcoming DC-based projects — the showrunners have finally dropped a trailer, as a treat. Oh, and another treat? The first episode of "Young Justice: Phantoms" is available on HBO Max now! Check out the trailer below.

I Was A Teenage Superhero!

When folks write their best-of lists regarding animated shows, the "Young Justice" series often sits leagues above most. First airing in 2010, it's been a pop culture staple for over a decade— but has only aired three official seasons. How? The series was axed after its well-received second season, a baffling decision to most. Following a sustained fan uprising and renewed popularity on streaming, in 2016 "Young Justice: Outsiders" ushered in a long-awaited third season. Its overwhelming success paved the way to where we are now. Last year, we learned that the "Young Justice: Outsiders" follow-up would be titled "Young Justice: Phantoms," and that it would be moving to HBO Max, following the shut down of the DC Universe streaming service.

The Team, a Justice League extension, was formed in Mount Justice. Working on behalf of the Justice League, the junior members — including Miss Martian, Nightwing, Orphan, Robin, and Tigress — are tasked to conduct secret operations for the order of heroes. It's not yet known what the fourth season will center around, but there's still plenty to contend with after the credits rolled on the third season. A recap, via Screen Rant

Season 3 opens two years after the end of season 2 and the five surviving founders of the original Young Justice team have largely gone their separate ways in the wake of Kid Flash's apparent death. Dick Grayson, now calling himself Nightwing, has quit the team to be a lone vigilante. Artemis Crock has retired from heroism and is working on her Master's Degree while sharing a house in Star City with Will Harper – the clone of Roy Harper who fathered a daughter, Lian, with Artemis' sister, Cheshire. Ms. Martian and Superboy are still leading the junior Justice League members and sharing a home together in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, where he works as a mechanic out of their garage. As for Kaldur, the former Aqualad took up his mentor's name and position on the Justice League, which he now co-chairs with Wonder Woman as the new Aquaman.

"Young Justice" has been a /Film darling for a hot minute, with Hoai-Tran Bui calling it, " turns an epic tragedy, an experimental animated show (there's a really fun nod to 'Teen Titans Go!' with the returning voice cast), and still plenty of that teen angst." 

"Young Justice: Phantoms" is now streaming on HBO Max.