The Lockdown Hauntings Trailer: A Ghostly Horror Film Shot During The Pandemic [Exclusive]

As if real life isn't scary enough, horror movies have a way of highlighting our worst fears in new, terrifying ways. "The Lockdown Hauntings" is keeping that tradition going by embracing the dread of quarantine, but throwing in some supernatural twists for good measure. The upcoming film takes place during a global lockdown, full of empty streets and isolation, except with spirits roaming freely — the bad ones included.

If real life isn't scary enough, you might appreciate the Halloween thrills offered in this teaser trailer for "The Lockdown Hauntings."

The Lockdown Hauntings Trailer

What could possibly make quarantine scarier, you ask? A serial killer, of course! In "The Lockdown Hauntings" a notorious serial killer is back from the dead, wreaking havoc in an unprecedented way. As young women across the city are targeted, paranormal experts and detectives are tasked with piecing the mystery together and figuring out how to stop a killer who's already dead.

Writer-director Howard J Ford is really capitalizing on the eerie environment of a city under lockdown. We all know the scene better than we'd like to: quiet streets, empty sidewalks, flickering street lamps. It's not hard to project more creepiness onto that still image and Ford is using the creepiest parts of this setup to his benefit. "The Lockdown Hauntings" is full of characters connecting via video chats and keeping in touch with friends, but the distance is more than noticeable. Whatever comfort their phones may provide, the many characters of this film are often alone — except from the figure looming quietly in the background.

For that extra element of authenticity, "The Lockdown Hauntings" is both shot and set during the first U.K. COVID-19 lockdown. Here's what we know so far:

From the Director of award-winning and critically acclaimed genre hit's The Dead and The Dead 2, India, and national film award winner 'Never Let Go', comes a heart pounding journey through Lockdown in 'The Lockdown Hauntings'. Set and shot in the first UK Lockdown due to Coronavirus, this film promises to take audiences back on a journey through Lockdown but this time, with the ghost of a notorious serial killer around every corner!

Adding to the unsettling atmosphere of "The Lockdown Hauntings" is horror legend Tony Todd, providing the investigators some much needed expertise. Who better to coach them through a haunting than an actual horror veteran? Also starring in the film is Angela Dixon, Heather Peace, Jon Campling, Sarah-Jane Potts, Justin Hayward, Tiffany Hannam-Daniels, and Jessica Millson.

"The Lockdown Hauntings" premiered in the United Kingdom and Ireland earlier this year and now comes to On-Demand October 19, 2021 and DVD November 16, 2021