Scream First Look: Neve Campbell And Courtney Cox Go Back To School

It looks like the fifth time is the charm for the Ghostface franchise as Paramount (via Entertainment Weekly) debuts the first look photos from "Scream," the 2022 sequel that reunites surviving members of the original cast along with some fresh new blood. There are over a dozen new photos to pour over, including our introductions to series newcomers Jenna Ortega as Tara, Melissa Barrera as Sam, Jack Quaid as Richie, Jasmin Savoy Brown as Mindy, Mikey Madison as Amber, Mason Gooding as Chad, Kyle Gallner as Vince, Sonia Ammar as Liv, and Dylan Minnette as Wes.

The new film — which opens on January 14, 2022 — will be the first in the series not helmed by the late Wes Craven, although "Scream" is in good hands as it has "Ready or Not" directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett in tow. Besides replacing a horror icon behind the camera, the pair faced the equally arduous challenge of shooting the new installment under strict COVID-19 guidelines before vaccines were made available. Gillet said it was a challenge:

"The added pressure COVID on the filmmaking process, which is already full of things you have to solve and surprises and ways that it can go wrong, was certainly weighing on us every day. I think we also ended up benefitting oddly from the circumstance of the pandemic. Everybody really came together. We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome in terms of just how everyone rallied around the project and really became a family with a really singular goal of making it across the finish line with this project."

First Look at the Scream Cast

In addition to the fresh young faces "Scream" will introduce to the saga that has been going since 1996, there are also the legacy cast members including the big returning trio of Neve Campbell as series stalwart Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers and David Arquette as Dewey Riley. There's also Marley Shelton reprising her role as Judy Hicks from "Scream 4," and of course what would a "Scream" movie be without Roger L. Jackson, the voice of the Ghostface killer?

For Bettinelli-Olpin getting to reunite all these familiar faces was a bit of a dream come true, as he told EW: 

"Showing up on set, seeing Neve and David and Courteney for the first time, seeing Ghostface for the first time, it was surreal. It felt like we were having this weird, out-of-body fan experience, but we were also doing our adult job at the same time."

See several the new images from "Scream" below, and head to EW to see the rest.

"Scream" is scheduled to be released on January 14, 2022. The synopsis is below.

A young woman who returns to her old hometown, only to encounter horrific murder cases connected to a notorious masked serial killer