The Red Light, Green Light Doll From Squid Game Is Real, And You Can Visit It

This just in — everyone's worst fear has come true. The creepy doll from "Squid Game," who hosted a lethal round of "red light, green light" isn't just a fictional creation. She's real.

The cinematic canon has more than enough creepy dolls as is. Chucky has haunted generations, Annabelle has scared the best of us, Jigsaw always finds his way back into our lives, and even that porcelain weirdo Brahms is carving out a corner for himself. But if you think those itty-bitty villains are scary, then I have some pretty terrifying news:

Thanks to the newest Netflix hit, "Squid Game," there's an even scarier doll in town. I'm sad to report that she doesn't ride a tricycle and unlike the Chucky's of the world, you can't laugh at the way she kicks her little doll feet. This doll towers over the masses, stares with her all seeing eyes and turns children's games into bloodbaths.

According to Koreaboo, the actual doll guards the entrance of a horse carriage museum called Macha Land. She lives just three hours outside of Seoul, in Jincheon County, meaning you can visit her by bus or car — but only if you're brave enough. "Squid Game” producers borrowed the doll for filming and while she's since been returned, eagle eyed observers noticed that she now has a hand missing. That seems fine and normal, and probably has a very cool explanation with no further creepiness involved.

But wait — there's more.

The Squid Game Doll Has a Twin

Believe it or not, there's more than one of her. I apologize in advance for this nightmare-inducing news, but a replica of the doll recently appeared at a Manila mall crosswalk. She monitors for jaywalkers, whilst singing the eerie "red light, green light" song from the series. If a pedestrian tries to cross on her watch, she swivels her head around and flashes her LED red eyes directly at them. Thankfully, that's where the immersion ends — she doesn't actually follow through on her threat to "eliminate" the culprit. Probably not, anyway. Netflix released a look at the Manila based doll and didn't happen to include any sort of elimination... but just for safety's sake, we should probably agree to wait for the green light.

What better way to promote a TV show than to terrify the masses? Unsuspecting passerbys will not be prepared for the havoc she can wreak, so its survival of the fittest out there. If you haven't already binged "Squid Game," you might want to get on that — it's only a matter of time before she appears at your local traffic light and believe me, you'll want to be prepared.

"Squid Game ” sees 456 contestants — desperate and saddled with overwhelming debt — agree to participate in a series of children's games for a huge life changing cash prize. Winning would grant them enough to cancel out their debt and still have plenty left over. But while they expect absolute silliness from a game like "red light, green light," they don't anticipate that there are life and death consequences. Ya know, like a doll that shoots you dead if she detects your movement. The wildly popular Netflix series is currently terrifying audiences across the globe, but fear doesn't stop people from coming back for more. The series is currently on track to become the streamers most-watched series yet.