Listen To Andrew Garfield Sing In '30/90,' The First Song In Tick tick...BOOM!

Is there anything Andrew Garfield can't do? Obviously, the answer is no. I mean, we're talking about the same guy who made tech billionaire Eduardo Savarin sympathetic in "The Social Network," so Garfield's talent really can't be ignored. Well, now he's traded in his Prada and flip-flops for a shiny piano in the upcoming musical, "tick, tick... BOOM!" And most importantly, he's tapping away at the keys and belting out gorgeous music penned by Broadway legend Jonathan Larson. All the while, Garfield is starring as Larson himself, in the semi-autobiographical and very personal musical that launched Larson's career.

As a fictionalized version of Larson, Garfield is approaching his 30th birthday in the year 1990, and spiraling straight into a self-destructive midlife crisis. You can get the gist of the story from watching the newest trailer, or better yet, from hearing the bright, musical tones of Andrew Garfield. Proving that he can, in fact, do it all, the film's star is showing off his musical talent with the song "30/90." You can hear it for yourself down below!

Andrew Garfield Sings '30/90'

This exhilarating number starts the off-Broadway production of the musical, zeroing in on the fears plaguing Jonathan Larson (Garfield): life is speeding right by and it isn't going how he imagined. The musical itself will go deeper on the subject, introducing the ticking of Larson's life clock, which haunts him as the 30-year milestone approaches. The tragic extra weight of the song is the famed composer's reality — Larson passed away at just 35, after suffering an aortic dissection.

Listen closely and you'll hear that Garfield isn't singing alone, he's joined by co-stars Joshua Henry and Vanessa Hudgens. Still, this is Jonathan Larson's grand entrance and Garfield stakes his claim in the character with the emotional, rock-inspired number.

"tick, tick... BOOM!" has quite a legacy. Larson first performed the musical as a "rock monologue." At the time an innovative new form of theatre, the show garnered buzz and attracted big producers. It eventually led to interest in Larson's follow-up musical, "Rent," which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, several Tony Awards and ran for 12 years, making it one of the longest-running shows on Broadway.

Sadly, Larson never lived to see it happen, having passed on the first night of Rent's preview performances.After his death, fellow Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Auburn restructured "tick, tick... BOOM" into the very musical that this film adapts.

Netflix's version of the story is helmed by the ever-famous "Hamilton" creator Lin Manuel Miranda with its screenplay by "Dear Evan Hansen" playwright, Steven Levenson. Alongside Garfield, Hudgens and Henry, "tick, tick... BOOM!" stars Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesús, Judith Light, Bradley Whitford, Joanna P. Adler, Noah Robbins, Ben Levi Ross, Beth Malone, and Joel Grey.

"tick, tick...BOOM!" arrives in select theaters on November 12, 2021 before arriving to Netflix on November 19, 2021.