AMC Theatres' Thrills And Chills Event Has Some Horror Surprises In Store This Halloween

Spooky season is finally upon us, so it's time to break out the popcorn and get ready for lots of jump scares! With horror and suspense creeping out of the shadows, AMC is embracing the frightful season with their month-long "Thrills & Chills" event. A new section on their website teases, "If you're looking for a terrifying trip to the theatre, you've come to the right place."

The "Thrills & Chills" banner invites moviegoers to embrace their scary side with a wide variety of films from all across the globe, all of which will shake you to your core. This includes everything from upcoming releases to the classics and cult favorites. The scariest part? You don't know what you're seeing until you arrive.

Here's what AMC has to say about these surprise screenings:

All October, join AMC Thrills & Chills for horror surprise screenings. Get your tickets for only $5+tax, and sit down to a terrifying, unknown selection. Join us for horror classics, new releases, cult favorites and more.

The "Thrills & Chills" events will take place at select AMC Theaters every Wednesday and Friday throughout October. Advance tickets for these screenings are already available. 

AMC is being very mysterious about what titles they're showing, but they have given us a hint as the runtimes for the surprise screenings are already available. And since the internet loves to sleuth, there are already some theories going around. is guessing that the final screening is "IT: Chapter 2" since it perfectly matches the listed runtime, with fans online guessing the upcoming "Halloween Kills" might appear as another surprise screening. 

Below are the dates, run times, and ratings.

  • Friday, October 1 – 1 h 40 m – Rated R

  • Wednesday, October 6 – 1 h 58 m – Not Rated

  • Friday, October 8 – 1 h 46 m – Rated R

  • Wednesday, October 13 – 1 h 44 m – Rated R

  • Friday, October 15 – 1 h 56 m – Rated R

  • Wednesday, October 20 – 1 h 36 m – Rated R

  • Friday, October 22 – 1 h 25 m – Rated R

  • Wednesday, October 27 – 2 h 22 m – Rated R

  • Friday, October 29 – 2 h 49 m – Rated R

Celebrating Spooky Season in Theaters

With AMC's new spooky surprise inviting us back, it might be time to mask up and venture out to a theater. If you dare to accept AMC's challenge, the mysterious horror movies won't reveal themselves until the lights go down and the theater doors shut behind you — so enter only if you dare. But if that all sounds just a tad too scary, plenty of other chilling options await you this October.

"The Addams Family 2" hits theaters on October 1, welcoming fans of the macabre clan for a family-friendly, somewhat spooky adventure.

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" isn't technically billed as a horror movie (if anything, it sounds like a very silly rom-com) but I've seen Carnage do some pretty horrific things in the trailer so ... let's just assume the freaky symbiotes will fit into the Halloween lineup when they arrive on October 1, 2021.

Afterward, wearing a terrifying mask of his own, Michael Myers returns to the Haddonfield in "Halloween Kills" on October 15.

The end of the month sees more exciting titles coming out to play, including Edgar Wright's "Last Night in Soho" which ushers in the filmmaker's next great era. The film arrives on October 29, 2021, along with Scott Cooper's long-awaited "Antlers."