The Other Two Season 3 Is Officially Happening At HBO Max

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the critically-acclaimed HBO Max series "The Other Two" has been renewed for a third season. The series originally debuted on Comedy Central before moving to HBO Max for its second season, which ended with a stellar finale this past Thursday. "The Other Two" follows Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Heléne Yorke), the older siblings of internet superstar ChaseDreams (Case Walker). When their mom, Pat (Molly Shannon) gets her own daytime talk show, "the other two" are left scrambling for scraps of the spotlight once more. 

One Fiercely Funny Family

"The Other Two" is a sharply satirical look at fame and the entertainment industry through the eyes of the very famous Dubek family. Youngest brother ChaseDreams retired at the age of 14, with the kind of superstardom of a young Justin Bieber. Now, mom Pat is a daytime TV phenom. Cary still struggles to get acting work (and with his sexuality), and Brooke wants to be a manager but seems more interested in the perks than the job itself. By the end of the second season, they've both grown tremendously as people, though it'll be interesting to see just how they manage to slip into their old, selfish habits in season 3. 

"[Creators] Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider have created a sharp and poignant family story that is willing to show its characters' imperfections while making us laugh hysterically," Suzanna Makkos, executive VP original comedy and adult animation at HBO Max, told THR.

The characters on "The Other Two" are certainly imperfect, but that makes them so much more relatable. Some of the humor surrounding Cary's misadventures as a gay man make it feel like the most honest portrayal of LGBTQ+ issues on television. Even though "The Other Two" is cynical and brutally funny, it has a surprisingly warm heart at the center.

It's All About the Dubeks

The love between the members of this absolutely nutty family is the glue that binds the series together. Cary and Brooke are fabulously fun siblings, but Chase is the family's moral compass and Pat is their beating heart. Even Pat's boyfriend/Chase's manager Streeter (Ken Marino) has become a part of the family, to everyone's chagrin. 

"The Other Two" was created by Kelly and Schneider, both veterans of "Saturday Night Live." It is executive produced by Lorne Michaels and Andrew Singer of Broadway Video; Tony Hernandez of Jax Media; and Ari Pearce and Samantha Schles of MTV Entertainment Studios.

"We are deeply sickened to see HBO Max throw their support behind a show with so many foot jokes, and absolutely thrilled that it's ours," Kelly and Schneider told THR. "To everyone who watched, texted, posted, told their friends to watch — thank you! It has been overwhelming in the best way to see our show resonate with so many people, and we are incredibly grateful to HBO Max for giving us the opportunity to spend another season with this amazing cast and crew."