Yes, Vincent D'Onofrio Would Love To Play Kingpin Again: 'I Just Need To Be Asked'

The Netflix Marvel shows are long gone, but their legacy lives on. Not all of those shows were great, and indeed, many of them got pretty darn bad as they went along. But they had their positive elements. One such element was Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin, on "Daredevil." D'Onofrio made the Kingpin a memorable, complicated, and often scary villain, and lots of people would like to see the actor reprise the role again – including the actor himself. Now all D'Onofrio needs is someone at Marvel Studios to pick up the phone and ask him to play the character one more time. 

I Just Need to Be Asked

There was a lot I didn't like about the various Marvel Netflix shows, but I was a big fan of Vincent D'Onofrio's scary, layered performance as crime boss Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin. D'Onofrio's Kingpin is a fan favorite, and folks have been clamoring for him to play the character again. The actor has said multiple times in the past that he'd like to reprise the role, and he's still beating that drum. In an interview with ScreenRant, D'Onofrio commented that he's continually flattered that people want him to play the Kingpin again, and that he's basically just waiting for Marvel to pick up the dang phone and ask him: 

"I do take it as a compliment. I so badly want to play that character again. I love that character. I just have to wait for Marvel to ask me. I think it's very clear that I would, and the fans know that I would jump at the chance to play again. I just need to be asked."

The question now is: will Marvel ever ask him? 

Will We See The Kingpin Again?

So ... just what are the odds that Marvel will ask Vincent D'Onofrio to play the Kingpin again? That's hard to say. I know fans continue to hold onto the hope that the Netflix Marvel actors will return in some capacity. There are already plenty of theories that state Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock/Daredevil is going to appear in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." But that's still just a rumor, with no real confirmation. And the fact of the matter is that Marvel Studios would be happy to forget all about the Netflix shows, which were made without the complete control of the Disney machine. I'm not saying it will neverever happen, but at the moment, bringing D'Onofrio back seems unlikely. But keep your fingers crossed.