Vans Is Getting In The Spooky Spirit With These Killer Sneakers

I hope you're ready to take out another line of credit and start selling plasma because Vans is about to take all of your cold hard cash. In a very casual tweet, the sk8r brand announced that they're dropping a horror movie-themed lineup of sneakers this fall, which will make flaunting your love for slashers and slow burns at the grocery store that much easier. 

No more getting kicked out of the 7-Eleven for wearing a horror shirt that scares the neighborhood kids. These kicks are subtle but bold enough to catch the eye of horror fans hiding amongst you.


While Vans is keeping it spooky and mysterious by giving us very little information, it looks like we can expect shoes based on the movies "It," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "The Shining," and "Friday the 13th" to become available this October. 

In Vans fashion, the styles range from their classic slip-ons to sk8-his to authentics, so every Vans fan can grab the sneaker that's most comfortable for them. I know I'm a person who likes to wear my slip-ons when I'm running errands and my sk8-his when I'm going out on the town. 

Do I skate? No. Do I lie sometimes and say I skate to feel better about my wardrobe choices? Absolutely!

Old Skool? More Like Old Spooky

Although the films they've chosen for inspiration are fantastic, I would love to see this horror collection become an annual tradition that can slowly feature stranger and more off-beat films. It would be sick to see some slip-ons decorated with insane imagery from "Noroi: The Curse" or a pair of authentics that are inspired by "Ghostwatch." Also, let's be real, "Chopping Mall" would be a perfect available in-store only sneaker.

And why stop there? This first release basically feels like it's also an unofficial Stephen King collab since half of the shoes are inspired by his IPs. Now that I think of it, I have a medical need a Rom Zombie x Vans line or a Jordan Peele line or a Karyn Kusama line or a James Wan line (you could honestly do an entire "Annabelle" line, but also I would buy the "Dead Silence" shoes and feel totally at peace). 

What I'm saying is that Vans needs to call me and that October can't come soon enough.