Men In Black VR Experience Will Let You Protect The Earth From The Scum Of The Universe

Do you look really good in a slick suit? Are you begging for any excuse you can find to wear sunglasses indoors? Do you wish you could live Will Smith's life, but only the alien stuff? Do you want to work through some of your anger by straight-up killing aliens? Well, you better make your way over to Westfield Century City in LA, ASAP. Virtual reality firm Dreamscape is making all of your dreams come true, one virtual alien kill at a time, with their brand new "Men in Black: First Assignment" VR experience.

Trade In Your Glasses For Goggles

Starting October 1, 2021, you and five other government agents will be let loose in the MIB headquarters, where you'll be invited to get into all sorts of intergalactic high jinks and tomfoolery. Based on the trailer, the plot involves a group of rookie agents who are tasked with making sure an alien royal family called the Zarthanians are safely escorted back to their home planet. Plus you get to fight some octopus aliens? It sounds like the kind of fun you don't want to have immediately wiped from your brain as soon as it's over. And we can expect it to be pretty in line with the tone of the "MIB" movies, especially considering Dreamscape's CEO and co-founder is Walter Parkes, the executive producer behind "Men In Black."

Of course, we don't want it to be too faithful either. The most recent entry in the franchise, "Men In Black: International," definitely wasn't our favorite of the sequels, and as we learned from the "Harry Potter" VR experience that debuted in New York in July 2021, breaking away from the plot can be a good thing when it comes to VR.

So what do we really want to see? As many aliens as humanly possible. 

What made the first "Men In Black" special was its bonkers alien design paired with its dry humor. If Dreamscape can fill this royal family plot line with as many wild aliens as possible, and maybe even make us laugh while we kill them, it would absolutely be worth fighting LA traffic to make it there. 

Not in LA? Never fear, "Men in Black: First Assignment" will eventually make its way to Dreamscape's locations in Texas, Ohio, and the United Arab Emirates.