Schitt's Creek Creator Dan Levy Is Making Stuff For Netflix Now

Dan Levy, who co-created and acted in the nine-time Emmy-award winning comedy "Schitt's Creek," will be making more stuff, this time with Netflix.

The deal comes after the streaming platform turned "Schitt's Creek" — which first aired on Pop TV in 2015 — from a quiet comedy into a cultural phenomenon that, in 2020, became the most awarded comedy series in a single year.

A Deal That Covers Film and Television

Netflix won the deal with Levy under competitive conditions and will cover both film and television projects, though the television part won't happen until July 2022 when Levy's contract with ABC Signature ends. In the meantime, he'll start working on a romantic comedy for Netflix that he'll write, star in, produce, and direct.

"Netflix offered 'Schitt's Creek' a second home at just the right time and opened the doors to a whole new audience for us," Levy said in a statement. "Watching the show thrive there has only enhanced my excitement about continuing to tell specific, meaningful stories with them in both TV and feature film. A full circle moment."

Netflix, who Variety is reporting invested eight-figures in the deal, is also very excited about working with Levy. Here's what Scott Stuber, the platform's head of global film, and Bela Bajaria, the head of global series, had to say about him:

Dan Levy is an incredible all-around creative talent, who thoughtfully approaches every story with a meaningful perspective. His work on 'Schitt's Creek' charmed audiences around the world and we're thrilled to partner and create new films and shows with Dan.

This won't be Levy's first project since "Schitt's Creek." He currently has three live-action projects in development at ABC Signature as well as a presentation order for the animated comedy series "Standing By" at Hulu.

It's currently not clear what types of projects Levy will work on at Netflix besides the untitled romantic comedy mentioned above. Levy has said in the past, however, that his interests were varied. "I want to keep telling stories that mean something to me, and that are potentially joyful," Levy told Variety asked him in April 2020 what he wanted to do after "Schitt's Creek." "My list of ideas that I've been scratching down over the past six years while I've been doing this show is anything from thrillers to dramas, to other comedies to musicals."

A Levy-created musical would be something I'd be interested in watching! While we wait for his new projects to come to fruition, however, we can rewatch "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix.