Will There Be A Sequel To Edge Of Tomorrow? Here's What We Know

(Welcome to Will There Be a Sequel?, a series where we answer that question and explore what comes next.)

"Edge of Tomorrow" was released back in 2014 and has since been embraced as one of the better sci-fi movies in recent memory. Unfortunately, the marketing campaign was a bit jumbled, with the tagline "Live. Die. Repeat." being confused for the title, as it was at one point going to be the title. But between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, director Doug Liman's inventive take on "Groundhog Day" with aliens worked out quite well. Fans are left to wonder, are we ever going to see a sequel?

Here is everything we know about the possibility of "Edge of Tomorrow 2."

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Has Been In Development for Years

This is sort of a good news, bad news thing. The good news is that a sequel has been in development virtually ever since the first movie was released. The bad news is it has kind of been stuck in development hell for the last handful of years, for various reasons. Liman, Cruise, and Blunt all want to return. Several versions of the script have been written. Whether or not we ever see one produced is another question entirely. Most recently, Blunt explained that she thinks the movie might be too expensive to ever get made.

"Honestly, I think the movie is probably too expensive. Yeah, I just don't know how we're going to do it. I think that it's hard to align everyone's schedules. I would love it. Doug Liman would love it. Tom would love it. We'd all love to do it. But I think until we figure out what's going on with the industry — honestly, I think we need to figure out what is the next road map for the kinds of films that people want to make?"

Blunt has also gone on record saying she thinks the script is really "promising" and "cool." The last official word was that Matthew Robinson ("Monster Trucks") was working on the script. That was back in 2019. Christopher McQuarrie, who has frequently collaborated with Cruise in the past, worked on the screenplay for the original with Jez and John-Henry Butterworth. The movie itself was based on the Japanese light novel "All You Need Is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

While no plot details have surfaced, Liman at one point said "it's going to revolutionize how people make sequels. It really will." We shall (hopefully) see.

The Cast and Crew Are Very Busy

Even setting aside the past couple of years being upended by the pandemic, "Edge of Tomorrow 2" relies on some of the busiest people in Hollywood to make it happen. Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie just wrapped filming "Mission: Impossible 7" and they are already committed to "Mission: Impossible 8" as well. Plus, Cruise is going to actually film a movie in space with Doug Liman.

Emily Blunt, meanwhile, has "Jungle Cruise 2" in development and she's currently filming the series "The English." Plus, she recently became attached to a Kate Warne biopic. All of this to say, getting everyone's schedules to align may well be the trickiest part of getting this movie made.

An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is a Big Gamble

For Warner Bros., the prospect of an "Edge of Tomorrow" sequel has always represented a gamble, from a business perspective. The marketing campaign didn't do the original any favors but critics generally loved it. Audiences found it. Word of mouth was very good. That is what is working in its favor.

Beyond that, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, two of the biggest stars in the world, want to make it. Christopher McQuarrie is on board in some capacity and he's proved to be the golden ticket when partnered with Cruise. And Liman is hit or miss but he is an in-demand director, nevertheless. It's hard to imagine the studio saying no to all of that talent.

"Edge of Tomorrow" earned $370 million worldwide, which is a very respectable number. The problem is the budget was massive at a reported $178 million. Before marketing. With about $28 million made in the home video market in the years since, it's hard to imagine the studio made a lot of money on this one. But, its audience and reputation have only blossomed over the years. For that reason, a sequel might make sense. Though it's no less risky. Especially as we emerge from the pandemic and the future of theatrical releases is very much in flux.

To recap; "Edge of Tomorrow 2" is still very much in the cards. All of the key players want to do it. It's just a matter of the stars aligning. We'll keep you posted as further developments come our way.