There's Someone Inside Your House Trailer: Netflix Slasher Knows What You Did Last Summer

Netflix has been on a roll lately with the spooky stuff. Mere months after the streaming service unrolled a back-to-back trilogy based on R.L. Stine's "Fear Street" novels, a new blade-wielding maniac crawls out from under the bed. 

"There's Someone Inside Your House" hacks and slashes its way onto Netflix on October 6, 2021, following a premiere at Austin's Fantastic Fest in September. The newly-released trailer promises stabbings, screams, and an homage to '90s teen horror flicks.

There's Someone Inside Your House Trailer

"There's Someone Inside Your House" is based on Stephanie Perkins' New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. It was adapted for the screen by Henry Gayden and directed by Patrick Brice, who was behind the exceedingly unsettling found footage riff "Creep" and its equally off-putting sequel. 

Among the producers are James Wan, whose giallo-infused psych-horror "Malignant" is currently weirding people out in theaters, and Shawn Levy, whose 21 Laps production banner handled the throwback sci-fi series "Stranger Things." The cast of relative newcomers (a requisite for films like these) includes Sydney Park, Théodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper, and Dale Whibley. 

The synopsis, per Netflix: 

Makani Young has moved from Hawaii to quiet, small-town Nebraska to live with her grandmother and finish high school, but as the countdown to graduation begins, her classmates are stalked by a killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the entire town, terrorizing victims while wearing a life-like mask of their own face. With a mysterious past of her own, Makani and her friends must discover the killer's identity before they become victims themselves.

With "There's Someone Inside Your House," Brice looks to tap into the teen slasher market — a market that, according to film scholar Alex West in her book "The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle: Final Girls and a New Hollywood Formula," was once "a reaction to the oversaturation of the slasher subgenre in the 1980s." While the likes of "Scream" and "Urban Legend" privileged a male gaze in the '90s, the trend has found resistance in more recent works like the "Fear Street" trilogy and Christopher Landon's body-swap horror "Freaky," so while it's likely that the general formula remains the same, this isn't your auntie's hack-n-slash. 

Horror has about six core stories in its arsenal; the real fun is in watching variations on those themes, which is also why any successful scary movie can expect a sequel or three. "There's Someone Inside Your House" wears its references on its sleeve, defanging teen slasher jokes before they can be unleashed. Realizing that the someone inside folks' houses is intent on exposing secrets and drawing blood, a high schooler quips, "I have a secret: I accidentally killed a hitchhiker and dumped his body into the ocean. Is that bad?" 

Between the cheeky teenage dialogue, a killer who wears the DIY faces of their victims, and a synth-ariffic score by Zachary Dawes, "There's Someone Inside Your House" could be the next hot thing to add to your watchlist.

"There's Someone Inside Your House" comes to Netflix on October 6, 2021.