Ridley Scott Says He's Looking To Make A Musical And A Western

Ridley Scott's career spans all sorts of genres from horror, sci-fi, and fantasy to period dramas, modern dramas, crime, war thrillers, courtroom dramas, and even a buddy road picture. But there are still a few cinematic corners he hasn't explored. At 83 years old, Scott still has a full slate of projects he's attached to, and in a recent press conference, he said he's making exploring some of those remaining genres his priority. Specifically either a musical or a Western.

"I'm Constantly Looking for Something Fresh and Different."

In a press conference in support of his latest film, "The Last Duel," at the Venice Film Festival, Scott said specifically that he's never done a Western or a musical and is looking for projects to check those off his bucket list, per Collider. He specifically seemed keen on musicals, citing the effortless mastery of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. 

"The Last Duel" stars Ben Affleck and Jodie Comer were on hand during this press conference and Comer instantly volunteered as tribute.

I love that Ridley Scott still has fire in his belly and a passion for his art. There aren't many directors who reach his level of success and keep churning them out the way he does. That's why Tarantino is hellbent on retiring before he loses it. I'd argue with the man that filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and George Miller prove that you can still do great work later in your career.

Scott in particular seems to still be having a ball and it's worth noting that perhaps his engagement is tied to not making the same kind of movie over and over again. This is the director who gave us both "Legend" and "Matchstick Men." Think about that for a second; how radically different his movies can be. Sometimes that results in masterpieces, sometimes it's a huge swing and a miss, but he's always going for it.

Why Not A Western Musical?

Here's a suggestion for Sir Ridley ... why not tick both boxes and make a Western musical? One idea is to remake "Paint Your Wagon." Although it was a notorious flop, the basic idea is still sound, and there's a novelty to it. 

There aren't a whole lot of Western musicals. In fact, the only ones that come to mind are "Paint Your Wagon," "Cannibal: The Musical," and maaaayyyyybbbeeee "Blazing Saddles." I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but my point still stands: There ain't a lot of 'em!

So, if you have a Western musical script that's been sitting in a drawer, now's your chance to get that over to Scott Free Productions ASAP!